Holy Crap, A New ToeJam and Earl Game is Coming Back to Earth

Let me try and bust this out for all you millennials who will have NO IDEA how awesome ToeJam and Earl was but will pretend you do anyway because being into nerdy shit right now is en-vogue. ToeJam and Earl was a Sega Genesis game about two hip hop obsessed aliens who crash land on Earth and have to find all the parts of their ship to get back home. Thing is, a bunch of stupid humans get in their way. Did you get that? Hip hop space aliens crash on Earth. If you even need more of an explanation than that to want to play this you are not someone who I want to associate with. But good news for all you old ass geeks like me, as there is a new ToeJam and Earl game coming in 2017, thanks to Adult Swim and it looks to retain all the absurd magic that made the original games so fun.

2016 was a magical year for the retro geek. From new Jurassic Parks to the best Star Wars yet, so much nostalgia happened (and I think a lot of us feared it would just be a pop culture phase) but 2017 looks to be following in 2016’s retro footsteps, and in this case, that is about as funky as it gets. Also, has it been long enough, can I say it yet? Okay, here I go. Is it just me or are these two characters perpetuating strong racial stereotypes?

HAHAHAHAHA, just kidding.

Was just trying to stoke the ever burning fires of useless internet outrage. People seem to live for that shit now. A lot has changed since the first ToeJam and Earl game dropped (those were simpler times. my friends), but at least this game looks spot on.

(Adult Swim)

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