Home Inventions From Outer Space: How NASA Has Improved Our Lifestyle

Space travel is the ultimate dream for so many. It’s exciting and ground-breaking, taking us to unimaginable worlds. Such a task isn’t easy. It requires the cutting edge in science and technology to explore outer space. But did you know that much of this technology that was once so advanced has now become part of our everyday lives?

Take a look around your home. Chances are, there are probably plenty of items you’d dismissed as mundane that were actually invented by NASA. They make our lives easier, safer, simpler and more fun. Most of them are so useful that we take them for granted and haven’t given a second thought to where they come from when actually they have been discovered or developed as a by-product of space travel. Our friends at Express Doors Direct have had a look around the home to determine what they are. Here are some of the ways NASA has improved our home and lifestyle:

Baby Formula

When you really think about it, baby formula is an incredible invention. The life-sustaining liquid many parents buy today is all the more nourishing thanks to NASA. Their Mars missions required suitable life support for long periods of time, and during their research found a fungus that was capable of synthesising two omega-3 fatty acids that are found in breast milk. These are now added to formula to aid many important areas like mental development, learning ability, vision and heart health. Thanks, NASA!

Cordless Vacuum

We vacuum here, we vacuum there. Having no cord makes the job so much easier. Did you know that Black & Decker were contracted to create a vacuum drill for NASA which paved the way for your cordless vacuum?

Super Soaker

These great toys provide hours of fun for kids and adults alike. You might expect that they were invented by a toy designer. But the pressurised nozzle system was actually developed by a NASA scientist during his work on a new refrigeration system.

Memory Foam

Have you ever felt comfort like a memory foam mattress? How about a pair of shoes with memory foam soles? When you feel like you’re walking on air, thank NASA. They developed this extra comfy material that moulds to your exact needs whilst improving the safety of their aircraft seats. Now we all get to benefit!

Safer Food

Food quality control processes were developed by NASA to help keep their astronauts in tip-top condition. These were so useful that they were rolled out across the food industry and became the basis for the food standards we are familiar with today.

Digital Cameras

Today, we take photos everywhere we go. There’s no limit created by rolls of film as everything is digital. We can capture special moments even if they’re unexpected. NASA actually developed the first digital image sensors for miniature cameras used on interplanetary missions. Without them, the selfie would not exist. Fancy that!

Freeze Drying

How do you keep the nutritional value of food for a long time without the need for refrigeration? By freeze drying. Developed by NASA for missions and used for many applications today.



Gaming wouldn’t be the same without them. But the joystick was first used by NASA, invented for use in training simulators for astronauts.

Road Grooving   

They may seem insignificant, but those grooves on the road help you to slow down safely. They increase friction and help excess surface water drain away. Of course, NASA first used such grooves on runways to slow extremely fast moving space shuttles!

Do any of these surprise you? It seems we have a lot to thank space travel for! Don’t forget to check out the full, interactive version of How NASA has Improved Your Home & Lifestyle.

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