Homebrew PS1 Emulator makes video debut

Back in the years when PSP homebrew had just started off, many people noticed the quantity of PS1 game ports made for the PSP and therefore assumed the PSP could emulate the PS1 code completely.

It was until Megaman Legends came out for the PSP though that the developers finally realized this was true, because not only was the game an exact port of it’s PS1 counterpart, it also had the exact same graphic glitches the original had, something that was only possible on PS1 hardware and not visible in other platforms/emulators.

The rummor mill started spinning, various fake videos emerged, but I think it was when the project side for the PS1 emulator came out that Sony really got worried and so they sent a “cease and give up” message to it’s developer. Later we came to know that Sony did this because they plan to launch a PS1 emulator themselves with online distribution of software, which is something we are still looking forward to today.

Even though I thought that no further PS1 emulation project would ever emerge, it seems that a french developer didn’t give up, and has showed (what appears to be) a non-fake video of his PS1 emulator booting two non-commercial roms and running them at full speed.

There is no launch date or homepage for PSXP, the homebrew emulator in these videos, but I think it’s something we should look forward to, even if it’s only to scare Sony enough to pick up their pace and give the PSP a proper support.

Well, enough chit-chat and on to the videos themselves:

Video 1
Video 2

If you click on visit site below you’ll be able to read a translation of that the developer is saying. I’ll keep you poster as more information, regarding this project, appears.

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