If you could speak to Homer Simpson, what would you say? Then again, it’s perhaps funnier to imagine what he would say to you. Of course, and very sadly, there’s no real way of knowing. On the other hand, some fans got perhaps as possibly close as they can get following the release of a classic episode.

The Simpsons was riding an exceedingly high wave of popularity in the early 2000s and season 14 brought with its some unforgettable episodes, including How I Spent My Strummer Vacation which guest starred members of The Rolling Stones, Lenny Kravitz, Elvis Costello, and Tom Petty.

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However, it was a little detail in episode 8 that had the fandom heading for their computers to do some detective work.

Titled “The Dad Who Knew Too Little”, the installment follows Homer who, after disappointing Lisa on her birthday, decides to pay a private investigator named Dexter Colt to spy on her. He relays the information he sources back to Homer and their father-daughter relationship flourishes—right before Homer pays the consequences, obviously.

When Homer’s told they need a way to remain in contact, he forwards over his email address … [email protected].

Now, we can perhaps remember having had a pretty embarrassing email name ourselves, but this one takes the cake, and it’s a great little immature joke that essentially sums up what’s so appealing about Homer as a character.

Most have done a sufficient job of wiping their cringe-inducing email names off the face of the internet in recent years, but Homer’s will always be there to find in season 14. Although you can’t message it now, it turns out that you could and even receive a response, once upon a time.

A writer on The Simpsons, Matt Selman, explained in Time that he made the email active after signing up for it on his personal AOL account.

“The thinking was that if anyone wanted to write an email to Homer,” he said, “it would be fun to answer back. Within minutes of the show’s first airing, ChunkyLover53’s inbox was packed to its 999-message limit.”

For the early responses, Matt wrote responses like “Dear Nerd, I didn’t even know the internet was on computers these days, let alone some kind of electric mail dealie. Please send all future letters (and beer) to: 742 Evergreen Terrace, Springfield USA then a zip code. Praise Jebus! —Homer Simpson.”

However, after a bunch of replies and receiving more and more messages, he resorted to replying “D’oh!”

I don’t know about you, but receiving nothing but a “D’oh!” sounds way more like Homer to me.

If you try to email it today, you’ll notice that the address isn’t found, but it’s a fun little slice of The Simpsons history to recite when the show comes up in conversation.

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