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Honest Trailer - Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice


I think it is safe to say that the Honest Trailers the guys over at ScreenJunkies put together are pretty phenomenal. They tend to cut out all the fat and filler and leave us laughing until our sides hurt. And while sometimes they may put one out for good movies here and there just for laughs, the most fun you can get from Honest Trailers is when they stick a really bad movie on the chopping board and just go to town, which is kind of how they treat Dawn of Justice here.

Now keep in mind, I respect the fact that some geeks loved the movie, that is fine and completely within your right, but that doesn’t mean we have to, and that doesn’t mean the honest trailers guys aren’t gonna crucify it, because that is exactly what they do so well. So if you adored Dawn of Justice, just detatch a little when you watch this and you will have a good time.

Now if you are like me and didn’t like the movie at all, get ready to have a smile a mile wide spread across your face. I feel like this is the exact Honest Trailer I have been waiting for since the movie came out, and any fault I had with the film is addressed in as honest and as comically a fashion as possible.

Side note, if a superhero is ever gonna kill you because you are too powerful, just say your Mom’s name is Martha. That seems to work like a charm with guys like this.


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