Hooked On Big Bang Theory

I have been hearing about this TV series for a long time now but I haven’t had any time to watch it – until now. As I write, I am going through the whole first season. I have to say, the mere sight of Leonard and Sheldon got me hooked.

For the benefit of those who have not seen (or heard) of The Big Bang Theory (you are missing out, I tell you!), the show focuses on the life of two nerd roommates, Leonard and Sheldon. Their IQs add up to 360 combined but they have no clue as to how to interact with people beyond their circle. Their mundane existence is made more interesting by Penny, who just moved to the apartment across the hall. Penny is a hot blonde who just broke up with her boyfriend. Naturally, Leonard falls for her but Penny seems to be only interested in making friends with the guys.

So what makes the show worth watching? To be honest, I am almost done with the whole season but it seems that the plot is not going very far. We simply observe the lives of the roommates and Leonard does not seem to be getting anywhere with Penny. The nerdy lines that the guys deliver are priceless, though. Indeed, some of them might be gibberish in truth, but it’s still hilarious how they interact with each other and how they TRY to blend in with Penny’s circle. There’s already a second season, and I can’t wait to see if that’s as good – or better – than the first one.

Any thoughts?

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