Recently I had a chance to talk to the folks over at HorrorPack about their new up and coming service and I’d love to share our conversation with you.

HorrorPack: The Horror Movie Subscription Box

1) Please introduce yourself.

HorrorPack was found by two filmmaker/entrepreneurs, Diego Kirsch and Chris Ethridge.  We started HorrorPack two years ago as a way to combine multiple things that we love. 

2)  Tell us a little about Horror Pack.

HorrorPack is a mystery subscription box service. Our focus is horror movies in physical media.  Every month, we send 2 boxes of four discs to our subscribers, one box is DVD and the other is Blu-ray a limited-edition movie each month.  We pick movies we have enjoyed or feel would be interesting to Horror Collectors and Horror Movie Lovers. 

3) What format can you order Horror Pack in?

We offer Blu-ray and DVD packs. You can subscribe to both as we send different movies in each pack. Once we ship a title we will not send it again in either pack.  We keep HorrorPack affordable at $19.99 per month for the DVD pack, or $24.99 per month for the Blu-ray pack, both packs include free US shipping.  We ship to most international destinations, and the shipping cost varies for those.

4) What are some of the great movies featured in past packs and are there any exclusives?

We have now sent a total of 46 packs (23 DVD and 23 Blu-ray) over the last two years, for a total of 184 titles (plus a couple of bonus discs for 12-month subscribers). We send all kinds of films, from all the different horror subgenres.  We’ve sent big budget movies like Scream 4, Insidious 2, and The Shining, as well as cooler indie films like Absentia and Volumes of Blood. In the Blu-ray Pack, we always send one HorrorPack Limited Edition title each month, usually a fun indie horror film that we want to bring to a wider audience.  Those movies are always a blast, and have included such titles as Killer Party, Blood of the Tribades, Knucklebones, and BadAss Monster Killer.

5) Now I also heard you are starting up another service called Pop Up Pack. Tell us a little about that?

Pop Up Pack is a new take on a subscription service.  It’s multi-genre, with a new theme each week. You pick what comes in each box from a selection of titles. Currently, we are still focused on physical media (Blu-rays and DVDs), but we will be branching out into merchandise beyond movies in the near future.

Pop Up Pack is not a traditional subscription box, it’s a choose-your-own subscription service where you can pick as many or as few items as you want.

This means the cost of the box and number of items shipped is up to each subscriber. If you don’t want a lot of movies, or if you do, it’s up to you. We offer a new theme each week and a good selection with a lot of value. Pop Up Pack puts you in control but we also offer DVD and Blu-ray mystery packs for some genres as we know a lot of people dig that.

6) Are these pop up packs going to be themed?

Yes, we have weekly themed Pop Ups.  Our first week was Thrillers, our second week is Sci-Fi/Fantasy, and upcoming, we have Action, Drama, Comedy, Anime/Animation, and many more.  There will be a new movie theme each week, and more to come as the service grows.

7) How much is this new pack going to cost and will you have to pay for shipping?

The service itself is $5 month, and that includes free shipping on your first order each month.   Each order after that is a flat $5.00 in the US, no matter how many items are in the order.  We want to make the subscription basically free as long as you place one order a month so the $5 subscription fee applies as a discount to shipping your first order each month. International subscribers receive $5 off the total price of shipping for their first order each month.

8) Any other goodies in the works in the future that you can talk about?

With Pop Up Pack, we’re already offering some really cool items we could not offer in HorrorPack. Most of our titles are $5, but we do have some special finds for our subscribers who are collectors or fans. We’ve offering some steelbooks, as well as some multi-disc movie sets, and TV collections. 

9) Any final words?

If you love horror, come see us over at If you’re more of a general movie fan, is the way to go.  Either way, we hope you’ll give us a try.

The folks over at HorrorPack generously provided me with a sample what is in store for your horror lovers out there. We had been given a wide selection ofDVDsS this month starting with Eight legged freaks! This is a great movie where a small rural mining town in Prosperity, Arizona becomes overrun with spiders of all shapes and sizes. Can the residents of this small town rally back and save themselves from this spidery menace?

horror movie subscription box

Next on the list is the film Oculus in which a brother and sister are at an auction as Tim decides to buy a mirror for his office. In doing so it opens up a history that they forgotten that they had with this mirror. The film is set in the present and 11 years earlier as the tale is woven and will have you hoping that this mirror cracks before the films end.

Third is a lesser known film simply entitled Croc. This film takes place in Thailand where Jake McQuade runs a crocodile farm with the help of his nephew Theo as well as Allison (who is Theo’s mom and Jake’s sister.) A neighboring resort is starting problems with this crocodile farm as they want the land to build on. This is all complicated with a giant 20 foot long crocodile who shows up with one purpose in mind.. to kill.

And last but not least is Anneliese Exorcist and this one has to deal with demonic possession. This was based on a true story about a German girl know as Anneliese Michel. During the last years of her life it was said that the Catholic church believed that she was possessed by demons. The film chronicles what happened during the times of her demonic infestation and makes you wonder if this sort of thing could actually happen.

And that’s all for now, folks. Remember if you subscribe to both the Blu ray and DVD packs you will get eight different films per month! Go ahead and check them out at and get ready to be scared.

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