I was so happy that I got myself cured from my Cafe World addiction, but alas, my freedom is short-lived!

I am now currently addicted to Hotel City, another time management Facebook game app. Augh, when will this madness end!

Hotel City is pretty similar to Restaurant City or Cafe World, except that you are taking care of a Hotel. You can hire friends  as your staff and you can decorate every room of your hotel, from the furniture to the wallpaper.

What I like about Hotel City:

  • It needs less maintenance compared to other games like Farmville or Cafe World. While the other games require you to track multiple crops, dishes or employees, Hotel City only requires you to take note of when the shift of ALL your employees end. You can actually let them work for 24 hours straight (woohoo slave driver!), so basically, you only need to log in once a day in Hotel City
  • Hotel City is very light on the system even though it’s a flash-based app. I noticed that every time I load Cafe World or Restaurant City my laptop (I’m using a MacBook Pro), the temperature of my mac would start climbing up to 68C from 61C
  • It doesn’t eat up a lot of your time since you have the option to log in every 24 hours. But if you’re meticulous about decorating each and every room of your hotel, well, that’s another story.

Right now, the game is at its beta stage so be patient if you encounter a few bugs and errors every now and then!

Oh, here’s a tip on how to make money in Hotel City: remember to visit all your friends hotels, especially for the first time because you get a +1000 first time visit gold bonus per friend. Plus, a friend might be hiding a bag of gold in their hotel!

Play the Game: Hotel City

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