With the advent of a new Tomb Raider game called “Shadow of the Tomb Raider” this month, Lara Croft’s popularity is bound to soar once more. This is a perfect chance for cosplayers around the world to show off their skills with a Lara Croft cosplay. There is also no doubt that Lara Croft has become so much more than just an objectified character, especially with her recent iterations where she is shown as an efficient hunter/assassin of her sworn enemy, Trinity. Indeed she has gone a long way from her last game “Rise of the Tomb Raider” back in 2015.

Lara has been one of the most iconic female protagonists in video games. The Tomb Raider franchise will also be having its 22nd anniversary this year on October, and with the success of the current games, and somehow a decent film adaptation, it might be a while before we see another Tomb Raider reboot. That means the Lara we have now will be around for a while, so better get used to the cosplays because here are 22 of them, as a celebration of Tomb Raider’s 22 years. Do note that while this is not a ranking, we saved the best for last.

So without further ado, here are the hottest in the field of Lara Croft cosplay:

22. Bianca Beauchamp

Apparently, people still prefer Angelina Jolie’s Lara Croft to the newer one by Alicia Vikander. While it may be subjective, Jolie seems to win in the looks department. So what happens when a model who looks like her cosplays Lara Croft? Bianca Beauchamp a.k.a. Jolie incarnate, that’s what.

21. Enji Night

A lot of people who do Lara Croft cosplay often go for the more cost-efficient older versions of her before the current reboot, like Bianca above. They were simpler back then and did not have much dirt. Nevertheless, Enji Night is one of the girls who kill it with the older iterations of Lara Croft, check her out:

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20. Amouranth

Gamer girls often make for the best cosplayers since they often know the character and are probably big fans of her too. Cosplayer Amouranth is one such girl and also has a Twitch game streaming channel, here she is as Lara:

Photo by Alienware

19. Giorgia

Cosplayer Giorgia has a lot of talents and cosplaying as Lara Croft is only one of them. She has also won two awards at the World Cosplay Summit 2005 held in Nagoya, Japan for Best Individual Cosplayer and Great Championship Cosplay Team. Here she is:

Photo by Giorgia Cosplay

18. Julie Peugeot

Her name might be hard to pronounce, like the high-end car brand, but Lara Croft will do and suits Julie Peugeot better. Here’s why:

Photo by Facebook/Julie Peugeot Cosplay Lara Croft

17. Tanya Croft

If there ever was a dedicated Lara Croft cosplayer and cosplays exclusively as the character, it would be Tanya Croft from Kiev, Ukraine. As such, she has donned several outfits from different iterations of the character.

16.  Mitsuyomi

Also known as Mitsuko Yomi, her Lara Croft cosplays are some of the most daring. She even wades in waist-deep water with torn clothing like 2013’s “Tomb Raider” game, which marked the reboot of the franchise and as an origin story for a more vulnerable Lara.

Photo by DeviantArt/MitsuYomi

15. Soratane

Another daring Lara Croft cosplay straight out of the gritty 2013 “Tomb Raider” game. Soratane is truly an artistic cosplayer with commendable attention to detail. Although she has no new Lara Croft cosplay updates right now, maybe once new the game gets released.

Photo by Facebook/Soratane

14. Sari Croft

Sari Ruoskanen, a.k.a. Sari Croft is not just Lara Croft, she is also a vlogger and a nurse. So when she is not saving lives, she is raiding tombs. The best part about her is that she tries to make it authentic, doing the photoshoots in nature and in action, which is a lot more difficult than in a studio.

13. Jenn Croft

Jenn Croft is the Official Tomb Raider Cosplay Ambassador of the U.S., and if that’s not enough of an accolade for you, she is also like Sari above who has no problems getting dirty or physical with her photo shoots while in costume.

12. Irine Meier

One look at Irine Meier and you surely will be convinced that the girl has the face fitting for Lara Croft. Like Lara, she is able to look beautiful despite all the sweat, blood, and dirt.

11.  Athora

Here is another dedicated cosplayer for Lara Croft known as Rachel, a.k.a. Athora. The best part is that like Lara, she is also from the U.K. and is English, how’s that for authenticity? She is also a dedicated Lara, even going in caves for the photo shoot.

Photo by DeviantArt/Athora-X

10. Lisa Marie

Lisa Marie is another faithful Lara Croft cosplayer, like Athora above, she is also from the U.K. and loves to get dirty, mud and all for her photo shoots.

Photo by DeviantArt/Lisa Maria

9. Yuki Lefay

Yuki Lefay is quite popular for cosplaying the women of video games. Of course, one of her spotlights is her Lara Croft cosplays, check them out:

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8. Artful Dodger

Not the same one as in Charles Dickens novel, but the Artful Dodger has some beautiful Lara Croft snaps, bow included and based on the 2013 “Tomb Raider” game.

Photo by Pinterest/Pixels of Shae

7. Illyne

The women of France would not just let all the English take the Lara Croft crown, of course. So here’s Tiphaine Vaudable a.k.a. Illyne in her own Lara Croft cosplay, from France with love:


6. Laura Craft

Her name is not a joke, and she is from Sweden. Originally named as Laura Sipilä, she took the last name Craft ever since she started cosplaying Lara. Like Lara Croft, she is also multilingual.

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5. Lena Lara

Lena Lara has been crown as the Official German Lara Croft Ambassador. She is also a graphic designer and a fan of other video games as well. Oh, and she also kills it with her Lara cosplays:

4. Fuinur Croft

Italy, with its beautiful Mediterranean weather and equally beautiful women, has its own Lara Croft. Fuinur Croft is the Official Tomb Raider Cosplay Ambassador of Italy and seeing her in costume, it’s not hard to wonder why. Fuiner is certainly a winner, in Lara cosplays.

Photo by DeviantArt/Fuinur Croft

3. Lilia Lemoine

Lilia Lemoine, or Lady Lemon, is notable for having a lot of sexy cosplays from other franchises. However, she is also quite notable for having relatively tame Lara Croft photo shoots.

2. Abby Dark-star

Abby Dark-star is quite famous in the Tomb Raider fanbase for capturing a more mature and sexier side of Lara Croft. She also makes her own costumes and provides tutorials for other people, not unlike Lara:

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1. Alison Carroll

Last but not the least, we have Alison Carroll. This girl doesn’t just cosplay Lara Croft– she is Lara Croft, as in the final Official Tomb Raider model before the 2013 reboot. Apparently, she looks sexiest in the iconic Lara costume, which is mini-shorts, boots, and a tank top, she even looks better than Jolie. Oh and Alison is also a gymnast, her occupation may or may not include tomb raiding too. Check her out:

Photo by desktopimages.org

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