How 6 Disney Villains Would Decorate their Homes in 2019

There are few things that are difficult to find on the internet. While interior design blogs and guides are particularly common on this platform, it is pretty rare to find advice on how to design your home to be more evil. (Perhaps that’s what the dark web is for? This author doesn’t dare to look).

Thankfully, such a guide has now been created. Okay, so this series of bedrooms reimagined in the style of Disney villains is not exactly hardcore, but real-life villainy is banal, right?

Let’s take a look at how those Disney rogues plump their pillows!

Maleficent, the Sleeping Beauty villainess with her own live-action franchise, plays it dark with charcoal-black walls, using colors that complement her natural skin color (uh… green) and fixtures that echo her own natural attributes. Horns, in other words, or more specifically: antlers. The great thing about this choice is that antler chandeliers are very much ‘a thing,’ so any real-life villainesses among the readership can easily follow Maleficent’s choices for inspiration.

Cruella De Vil, the baddie from 101 Dalmatians and its one-hundred prequels, has a somewhat predictable palette: black and white, with a preference for spotted patterns. De Vil seems to have opted for a lot of fur, and we are quietly confident that she’s opted for rare, ethical, eco-friendly fake fur – right?

The Evil Queen from Snow White has a fairly down-to-earth room considering she is royalty! Forest green walls and brass trim place us in a fantasy world that doesn’t quite belong to any epoch. The regal touch only appears through her choice of fabrics – rich, royal-colored throws and blankets tossed across the bed with the indifference of the privileged!

Ursula, the sea witch from Disney’s The Little Mermaid, has embraced aquatic chic for her interiors. Algae-like houseplants put you immediately under the sea, but the billowing blue throw on her couch draws you back up to the waves. Highlights are added from the ocean’s rich palette of coral and seashells. All in all, it’s a pretty pleasant room for a witch.

Jafar, the sorcerer-genie from Aladdin, plays to his roots with a Persian rug extraordinaire to offset the plain gold fixtures and wallpaper – chosen, no doubt, to fit in with his centerpiece lamp. (His golden standing lamp is even nicer.)

And Tamatoa, the greedy crab from Moana, goes even further with the bling. After all, his magpie-like longing for shiny things is his defining feature (giant claws and Bowie-like eyes aside). It kind of makes for an Ursula-meets-Jafar feel: gloomy and aquatic and brightened with sunken treasure. Not sure how much he’s going to use that desk chair, though.

Disney continues to inspire with its iconic heroes and villains. If you’re sick of princess chic, why not tear a page from the Ikea catalogue shared by these villainous wretches?

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