Memes are one of the best gifts the internet has given us. They’re funny, they’re entertaining, and they’re great conversation starters. Combine them with one of the hottest games right now, Animal Crossing, and you get some of the funniest memes. People bond over memes and there are actually meme groups on Facebook, including for Animal Crossing.

We’ve put some of our favorite Animal Crossing memes below if you’re looking for some laughs today.

Any The Office fans here?

We all know terraforming is a pain to deal with…

And of course, the reason why we will never be satisfied with our own islands.

When you’ve had too much Animal Crossing and too little socialization.

Always remember this ACNH tip!

We all know THAT one person.

When catching bugs is your livelihood.

The things you do to kick out a villager.

I feel kinda bad but oh well from animalcrossingmeme

Hey Nintendo, remember that update we never asked?


be honest, NMTs are the REAL currency in Animal Crossing.

me going to dodo airlines from animalcrossingmeme

But sometimes, it ends in disappointment.

*sigh* Every time from animalcrossingmeme

Make Your Own Memes

While looking and finding Animal Crossing memes are a great pastime and really entertaining, you’ll sometimes find yourself thinking, “I wish someone made this a meme/made a meme like this”. So why not make your own meme?

How Are People Making Animal Crossing Memes?

There are actually plenty of meme generators out there that have ready-made templates. All you need is your humor and creativity. Some meme generators you can use are imgflip, Mematic, Make A Meme, and even Canva. If you have experience working with Adobe programs, you can also use them to make memes – plus you have more creativity with your memes!

Other than using meme generators, to create a successful meme, you also have to know how the memes are used and what’s popular nowadays. A meme is not effective if no one gets it. Lastly, after making your own, don’t forget to share them with the people of the internet – especially Animal Crossing players! Anyone and everyone will always appreciate a good meme.

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