How Dinobots Came to 'Transformers: Fall of Cybertron'

Grimlock and his Dinobot pals are coming to Cybertron — before the Transformers came to Earth. It’s a major plot point in the upcoming game Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. To answer us fans regarding how this can be possible, High Moon Studios has released a new video that provides a full explanation.

It’s a bit complicated, involving Shockwave, “the mad scientist of the Decepticons,” discovering dinosaurs wandering primordial Earth while scanning for other life in the universe. The video explains it far better than I can.

Even better than the story of how the Dinobots are born on Cybertron is the in-game footage of Grimlock and his buddies in action. It looks pretty killer to play as a big, robot T-Rex, stomping around Cybertron and swinging that big tail around to flatten his enemies.

I’m really impressed to hear of the “super-impassioned speech” that High Moon Studios made to Hasbro to get permission to put the Dinobots in their game. No matter how the game turns out — and right now, all indications point to it being some awesome, destructive fun — you can’t say that its makers aren’t fans. They’re hardcore Transformers fanboys, all the way, and I’d rather have them making a Transformers game than developers who aren’t in love with the property — even if it was the biggest-budget game studio in the world.

Oh, and also: I love the way Grimlock’s sword unfolds.

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