How Mods Are Making Farming Simulator 19 Fun Again

Let’s try our best not to get too philosophical, not probable, as we discuss the origins of simulation games. Simulation games are basically roleplay games with a twist of a digital cyber taste. The origins of simulation games go way back to 1984 with a simulation game that was made to teach business basics, especially how businesses interact with each other. 5 years later, a revolutionary simulation game came into existence thanks to a pizza party where the 2 developers met and then later decided to work together on a sim game.

Simulation games started becoming diversified into different categories; one could say that game studios are trying to simulate every little aspect of life possible. It seems that humans are simply inclined to create simulations. It may seem a bit far fetched but this intersects with the theory which states that our reality is a computer simulation. Back to simulation games; Farming Simulator is one of the big series titles in the simulation genre, yet it seems that the latest farming simulator is somehow lacking something to make it stand out. Farming Simulator 19 happens to be one of many games that can become a hit thanks to the community that supports it, which creates mods that can really make it shine.

How Mods Are Making Farming Simulator 19 Fun Again

Going Outside Steam

Farming Simulator 19 chose not to go with Steam Workshop and preferred to host their own modding network for maximum control. The decision may look rash at first, yet you can easily tell that they managed to perform better in terms of sales using this strategy. The high number of ratings makes highly rated mods look more trustworthy in comparison to low-numbered highly rated mods on other networks.

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AI Augmentation

Farming Simulator 19 introduced a wonderful concept, on paper at least, which is automation or AI workers to be specific. You can simply let the AI workers do all the grunt work for you while you manage your farm. The problem with AI is that they’re simply bad at their job, the concept was great yet the execution was sub par. Mods managed to save the day with some popular mods allowing you to automate tasks like plowing, harvesting, or even trading your points in. It simply improved the AI and added some extra features to make it even more convenient.

Quality and Realism

Early at launch, Farming Simulator 19 didn’t officially include some of the major mods of Farming Simulator 17. These mods made the game more realistic and made it lose the rough structure that nailed it before. It took some time for the modding community to come up with a solution, creating mods that incorporate GPS and realistic additions breathed new life into the game. According to pro FS19 reviewer at Yesmods, “The game wouldn’t have been what it is today if it wasn’t for the thousands of mods”. The quality was included in this wave of mods as it improved the lack of square fields that plagued the farm designs, in addition to improving the rendering process as it used to lag a lot.

Enhanced Vehicles and Control

Vehicles suffered from issues like being unable to manually toggle between forward and reverse. Mods improved vehicle control and added extra features like being able to control wheel drive modes; you can now choose between 4-wheel, front-wheel, or rear-wheel drive modes with hydraulic control. Another cool feature which was developed by more than one major mod creators is camera control enhancements, allowing you to peek easily through all directions, in addition to incorporating cameras in AI vehicles so you could sit back and watch machinery at work.

Time Control

The allure of farming is sure lovely and is the reason people play Farming Simulator 19. The whole process of planting, harvesting, selling, and trading of crops can get a bit boring after a while. When you’re eager to advance and enhance your farm, waiting for crops can seem like waiting for an eternity. Some mods were created to provide you with extra time controls that can help you fast-forward time once you become tired of waiting. You can then buy the equipment that you were looking forward to and broaden your projects.

Like all game simulations and RPGs, modding is driving game studios to be more trusting of open-source modding communities to sculpt their games to be suitable to a diverse audience. Farming Simulator 19 was criticized for not improving upon its predecessor Farming Simulator 17, yet it showed great potential to be improved by the modding community. It added horses, improved graphics and visuals, and enhanced wheel support.

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