Have you ever wondered what it must feel like to stand guard atop the frost-bitten ramparts of the Wall at Castle Black, or to concoct a perfect potion in Professor Snape’s classroom at Hogwarts Castle? These famous pop culture structures have a way of striking us with awe and inspiration, and are just as significant to us as the characters themselves.

But are these fictional architectural wonders possible to reconstruct in real life? BigRentz looked into the required material costs to recreate some of these iconic pop culture structures, including Darth Vader’s Death Star, Star Trek’s USS Enterprise, Batman’s Bat Cave, and more.

So, how did they come up with our figures, exactly? It varies for each structure. To get a ballpark amount for the required building costs to recreate Hogwarts Castle, for example, they took the total square footage of Windsor Castle (which is similar in size to the castle seen in the movies) to get an idea of just how big the castle is (around 414,000 sq ft).

They then calculated the dimensions and costs of building a Quidditch pitch (cost of a football field and wooden watchtowers), Hogsmeade tunnel (based on the costs of an underground bunker), and the total cost of a banquet hall based on the Great Hall seen in the movies. Altogether, this would cost an estimated total of around $175 million.

To see the costs of other famed fictional structures, check out the infographic below:

Costs to Build Pop Culture Structures

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