How The 'World of Warcraft' Movie Aims To Change How We View Video Game Movies

When most people think video game movies, they roll their eyes and with good reason: most video game movies have  sucked and have done the source material great injustice. This is understandable to most because just because a story lends itself well to a 20 hour game does not mean it will lend itself well to having that same story crammed into 90 minutes. From Super Mario to the Hitman movies, it is like no one can get the video game movie right. But right now we have our eyes set on the World of Warcraft movie and feel like this might finally be the flick that ends the “video game movies suck” curse that has followed this genre for so long.

The Director


The director is a really good sign of being able to tell if a movie is going to suck or not. To put it right out there, the guy who is directing the World of Warcraft movie is a genius. Really. He is also the son of the late-great David Bowie (moment of silence). His name is Duncan Jones and he “gets it.”

For those unfamiliar with his work, he did the brilliant Source Code and the equally brilliant Moon. This means he can handle science fiction and fantasy with the respect it deserves. This is a very good sign.

The Story


So how do you make an utterly endless MMORPG into a 90-120 movie? It is not as hard as you would think. You take the elements that make that massive game so amazing and you funnel them down until you have the basic source material in your hands and can work a consumable story around it.

Guess what?

It looks like that is just what Activision and Duncan Jones are pulling off here. Shoutout to Activision CEO Bobby Kotick for having the nerve to help make this decision. Now we just have to pray the movie we hope gets delivered is what gets delivered.

We have faith, though.

But That CG!


Okay, so some people are whining about the CG in the trailers. But when you actually look at it, it is exactly what we wanted (even if you think otherwise). There HAD to be a fantasy element to the orcs in the game. As much as we would all love to think an actor buried under an orc prosthetic could deliver the performance we need to see in those characters, you are wrong.

That makeup would’ve taken ages to put on each actor, would have affected voice projection, and they would not have been able to emote (aka show the emotions which makes them seem so real). Wait to see it and how well it works during the movie before you cast stones at the CG aspect.

It is a part of life now, and we need to accept that.

Be Grateful


See how grateful and happy THEY are? We need to be that happy and grateful for this, too. We are at the point in nerd pop culture where nerds are getting exactly what we always wanted, yet we are complaining about it. We get movies we NEVER thought we would, and have the audacity to complain that it might not be perfect or someone will screw it up.

Enough with the entitled attitude. 

This is what we ALWAYS wanted. Tons of superhero movies and cool comic books and our favorite games of all time being made into high-budget movies, yet we find faults with all of it? What we don’t realize is, in taking all this for granted, we will be the ones it hurts most when it disappears. And this stuff disappears when all our geek demographic does is complain about it or say we could do it better. We all know that is bull crap and need to stop and recognize those who help make this happen.

It’s Called WOW For A Reason


Listen, World of Warcraft is called WOW for a reason. Yes, the initials, but more than that. It is a living world where we can go to and escape our own lives. Now if you approach the World of Warcraft movie with the same excited feeling you approach the game when you boot it up, you will not be disappointed.

Seriously, it is a Warcraft movie. We are living in a world where this actually happened. Do you realize how lucky we are?

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