Sword Art Online is one of the more popular anime airing this season. Produced by Aniplex, the story focuses on a boy named Kirito, a beta tester for a new virtual reality MMORPG called Sword Art Online. Only 10,000 copies of the game were released on launch day and those lucky enough to get one got to try out the new virtual reality headgear.

Things were going well at first with players exploring a new virtual world, but some players soon find out that they can’t log out. A short while later, the creator of the game explains that all players are now locked into Sword Art Online and can’t log out until they reach the 100th floor of the game and defeat the final boss. If they die in game, the virtual reality headgear will fry their brains. Any attempts to disconnect or remove the headgear will also cause it to fry their brains. Hundreds have already died when their family and friends tried to forcefully remove their headgear. What started out as an exciting new game has turned into a terrifying dungeon.

While the obvious way to return to the real world is for a player to finish the game, there are ways that someone in the real world could save them too. Below is a list of ways that a person in the real world could save a loved one from Sword Art Online.

1. Take the Game Company to Court

The lead programmer for Sword Art Online may have created most of the stuff involved with the game, but it is all owned by the company that produced it. They are therefore liable for damages caused to the 10,000 players and their families. A court could order them to shut down the game and disable the virtual reality headgear. The threat to the company executives of being sentenced to death for mass murder (Japan practices capital punishment) would be a very good reason for them to comply with the authorities.

2. Fry the Headgear

The virtual reality headgear is obviously electronic and is prone to all of the vulnerabilities of every other electronic device, including electromagnetic pulses. A sufficiently strong EM pulse would be able to render the electronics in the headgear worthless before it’s able to activate the head-frying mechanism. Despite what Hollywood would have you think, EM pulses are also relatively easy to produce and not some mysterious thing found in futuristic devices and nuclear explosions.

3. Cut the Power

In the anime, the headgear is described as using microwaves to fry a person’s brain, meaning that it requires power. Some players have already died when people in the real world pulled the power plug so we can guess that the headgear has some internal batteries with enough juice to power to emit microwaves. Now what if you yanked out the batteries and pulled out the power cord out at the same time? Just like how a microwave oven takes several seconds to heat anything up, it would take several seconds to fry a person’s brain. This would be enough time to remove both power sources. The location of the batteries would be known from examining the headgear of the recently deceased.

These are just a few ways that you can rescue a player from the world of Sword Art Online. If you have other ways that someone could remove a microwave strapped to their head, feel free to share in the comments.

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