How To Ensure You Have Best Surround Sound for your Geek Set-Up

When it comes to setting up surround sound, here are some basics all should know.

Many people don’t realize how important a good surround sound system is to watching great geek movies and playing video games. It takes it to the next level. Sound design can really up an experience and make you feel like you are really there. If you think a game or movie is intense on its own, imagine how much more intense it is when you can actually hear the bullet whiz by your ears on either side? While some good gamer headphones do the trick, if you really want to experience surround sound at its best, you need a good set-up. So what is a good set up to maximize sound?

Well, we will walk you through some basics.

A Nice Living Room (Or Home Theater Space)

Believe it or not, to get the ultimate out of a surround sound design, the first key is simple and most people forget it or ignore. You need a nice gaming room or living room set up. A tiny room will not give you maximum affect (as all the sounds will be very close to one another, making distance and actual sound tougher to locate in the environment).

A larger room with an open area in the middle and an area behind everyone and in front for all the speakers is needed. Setting up a good surround sound system in a small area doesn’t have the same end result.

You Pay For What You Get

No one likes having to spend more money than they should. But there is something all people need to understand about surround sound systems and music and home theaters. You pay for what you get. You want to throw down less than a hundred for a system, you will not be experiencing it the same way you would for a five hundred dollar set up.

Not too imply the more expensive is the better, but if you look into brands and ratings, you will find out there is much truth to this.

Sound Muffling

Another aspect people with home theaters and surround sound systems don’t work into the equation is where they live and how prevalent this sound will be to neighbors. You can have a small apartment and still have a decent home theater. The problem is, if you have upstairs neighbors, you want to ensure it does not get to the point where they are calling the cops every time you watch a movie or play Halo 5.

So sound muffling should be used on ceilings and certain walls so the music and sounds stay inside the place and won’t get you busted for disturbing the piece. Don’t worry about sound muffling. Buy some sound dampening Styrofoam and affix to the ceiling and walls. It will keep the sound perfect for you, without making the people around you resent you.

Or go with the new high art “acoustic panels” featured above, which also double as art.

It’s All in The Name (Brand)

As crappy a reality as it is, there is power in name brands. Often when it comes to home theaters and surround sound, you want to stick with some of the big names in tech you already know. The S’ all seem to really make great stuff. From Samsung to Sony, you may be spending more than some other products, but when these things deliver exactly what they promise and last for years of entertainment, you will slowly realize it is money well spent.

And keep in mind as this is essential. If you cut corners financially when it comes to your surround sound system, this will reflect itself in quality of sound and longevity of product. No, sorry. A Sanyo surround sound home theater will not last as long, nor be as tonally perfect as the Sony brand.

Sorry, but successful brands are successful brands for a reason. Their product speaks for itself.

So In Closing….

All the above factors need to be considered and worked with. Make sure the room your are setting all this equipment up in is ideal for that exact set up. Be aware that trying to cut corners to save some bucks will only land you something that will not pack the desired effect you are hoping for. Be aware of those around you spatially so that you do not offend or overwhelm them with your new awesome surround sound home theater, and stick with a brand name that you know has earned its reputation for good reason.

Then sit back and get ready to rock on……

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