How to Improve and Enhance Your Online Gaming Experience

Online gaming is more complicated than console gaming. For many people, it’s more of a ‘plug and pray’ endeavor rather than a ‘plug and play.’ If your device is not optimized, the gaming speed will suffer.

In this article, we will highlight various ways to enhance your gaming experience and enhance the performance of your desktop or laptop.

1. Update Your Graphics Card: The power of your graphics chip influences your gaming experience to a large extent. It impacts your digital gaming experience even more than the memory availability of your device or the speed of your processor. The graphics chip is a common reason for stuttering gameplay in most cases.

To improve your gaming experience, try to run the graphics chip beyond the default factory settings which is also known as “overclocking.” While a few years ago, overclocking wouldn’t have been such a good idea in the interest of hardware security, nowadays most systems shut off automatically before sustaining any damage. Marginal overclocking between 10 to 15 percent is advisable to enhance your online gameplay.

2. Using a VPN Service: Your online gaming experience shouldn’t be marred due to geo-restrictions. If you want to play on a specific site which is geo-restricted in your country, you need to get a VPN service. VPNs are a great way to enjoy online gaming safely and anonymously from any part of the world.

You can make sure that your data and information is secure by using a VPN which encrypts your details. Furthermore, traveling need not keep you away from your favorite online games. You can use gaming servers from across the world to decrease unreasonable ping times. For more information, read here.

3. Router Feature-Quality of Service (QoS)

QoS refers to a router feature that prioritizes specific data packets for some connected devices. This feature is quite useful when there are many users on the same network.

For instance, if there are multiple users on a network doing various things such as watching Netflix or video chatting, it can take up significant bandwidth leaving precious little for online gaming. Network congestion can lead to data packet stall causing lag.

If you activate QoS, you can prioritize gaming over other uses such as Skype or Netflix. The gaming data will be forwarded to your device as soon as it arrives on the router.

4. Ethernet Ports

For online gaming, Ethernet is always preferable to Wi-Fi. Online gameplay is entirely possible with Wi-Fi. However, the ease of being cable-free comes at the cost of latency and speed.

Using a router with gigabit Ethernet ports can help you maximize your gaming performance. Gigabit Ethernet is compatible with speeds up to 1000 Mbit/s, or 25 MB/s provided your connection offers those speeds. But what do you do if your router is located in another room? You can use an adapter to transmit internet data via standard power outlets.

5. Upgrade Speeds

Latency has a much higher impact on gaming than speed does. However, in new-age homes, there may be several devices connected to the internet in one instance. This creates a strain on the bandwidth impacting your gaming quality. Consider internet connections offering speeds over 20 MB/s.

Online gaming does not require superfast speeds. But fibre broadband offers the best gaming experience to users while providing a steadier connection.

We hope you will incorporate some of these tips to enhance your online gaming experience. Do leave us a comment with your own tricks to improve online gaming.

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