How To Make Money Off Your Geekiness

Geeks have become the world’s richest people through programming and other math-related professions. IT, after all, has its basis in mathematics, and math people can be just as geeky as developers. But even if you can’t create a “Facebook” or a “Google” in your lifetime, you can still make money off your geekiness by landing some of the highest-paying jobs or creating a business out of your geeky hobbies.

Remember the dudes from MIT who took Las Vegas by storm? Though they subsequently got banned, who’s to say you can’t be just as successful?

Tech Jobs

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Professions where you can show off your love of numbers and spreadsheets include jobs in the tech sector. Skills and tenure are factors that put IT jobs in the highest paying careers in the US. The demand for certain skills changes since technology is a very dynamic field and for 2019, cloud computing, AI, blockchain technology, and machine learning are some of the sought-after skills in the tech industry. The salary scale for middle to upper level IT positions in Silicon Valley range from an estimated $200,000 to more than $300,000 per year.


Most math degree holders are geeks and while they may not work in IT, their knowledge and skills are essential for insurance companies, stock exchanges and other risk assessment corporations. As an actuary, you’ll analyze large volumes of statistical data and assess risks and liabilities. In insurance companies, you are responsible for determining premium rates and the necessary cash reserves to be able to pay claims. Actuaries are paid anywhere from $80,000 to $190,000 per annum depending on skills and length of experience.


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If you prefer the fast pace and challenge of trading in the market, you can apply as a stockbroker or trader to financial firms to manage the financial assets of its clients. Your math or engineering background gives you an edge over other applicants and you’ll earn about $153,000 in Manhattan’s Wall Street. But most of the money from this profession is earned through commissions and many traders are already millionaires before they reach 40. Warren Buffett, who started as a stockbroker, became one at 30.

Geekiness is not a requirement for trading but a geek’s penchant for details and focus can spell the difference between an average and a highly successful trader. Aside from your math, brush up on your analytical skills, research, documentation and emotion control when trading. A dedicated trader can spot market changes right away and by learning what is day trading, you can easily multiply your investments a hundredfold.

As for hobbies, you can also make more money off your geekiness. Many businesses are borne out of hobbies, and nerdy entertainment can be converted into dollar-generating enterprises too. A subspecies of the homo sapiens, geeks are a unique classification and that goes for their hobbies as well. Although regular civilians are copying these quirky pastimes now, they are still, strictly speaking, identified with members of geekdom. Here’s one for you:

Comic Books


The hobby of buying and reading comic books is treading the line between geeky and mainstream. But certified geeks had first dibs on the most sought-after issues that are now worth quite a lot of money. In 2014, an Action Comics #1, 9.0 CGC-graded copy that introduced Superman, sold for a mind-blowing $3.2 million. So, don’t throw away those new first editions. They’ll be worth something one day.

Still, what separates geeks from regular civilians is, the former have a passion for creating and drawing their own comic book characters and stories, and they can spend hours on it, neglecting girlfriends/boyfriends and missing meals and sleep. Although the sales of comic books have been flagging for the last two years, you can still cash in on the billion-dollar business if you’re comics-creating inclined.

You can sign on publishers like Dark Horse to have your own comics promoted if you meet their standards. Or you can try indie labels which are easier to penetrate. Another option is self-publishing. This can be expensive though, especially if you want to have the digital and print format. Look to Kickstarter for crowdfunding or Patreon where subscribers pay you a fee for viewing your work.

You can also make money off your collection by selling the comics you can bear to part with. Online sites like Dylan Universe or Sell My Comic Books are the places to go. Check how much they’re worth at Comics Price Guide. But think twice before selling and sell only for a very good cause. Those comics aren’t just art and paper after all. We all know the memories and emotions that come with them.

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