How to Prepare for WoW Shadowlands: 9 Best Tips

World of Warcraft has gained thousands of devoted players around the world. Battle for Azeroth, which sales reached 3.4 million copies in the first 24 hours is about to be exchanged, with a brand-new expansion we are about to meet – Shadowlands.

Although it’s still not the clear date when the new expansion is to be presented to WoW fans, more news and updates are appearing on the web. Approximately, Shadowlands is expected to be launched pretty soon – in fall.

Unfortunately, we have bad news for BFA fans – some game content will be removed with the launch of Shadowlands. But don’t get too upset: it seems that the coming expansion is going to be even more thrilling and entertaining.

Since BFA almost slides into decline, it’s high time to figure out: how to prepare yourself for Shadowlands. With only a couple of months before the launch, you have a lot to do.

One of the ways to complete all the achievements left and gain enough resources like gold is to use a boosting service. A professional carry is able to achieve any set goal, while you are free to do whatever you want. In the end, you will have all the resources, items, and achievements you want. Professional WoW Services will come in handy in that case.

If you prefer to rely on yourself only, this is a way to grab a couple of skillful pro players in your team. After all, it’s much more fun to play back-to-back with those who practice team play. This is a sure way to success.

But let’s go back to the list of activities to do to prepare for WoW Shadowlands. Here it is:

1. Buy the Caravan Brutosaur Mount

Although we don’t know much about the coming expansion, it’s already clear that the only way to buy the magnificent Reins of the Mighty Caravan Brutosaur epic mount will be at the Black Market Auction House. It means that its price is likely to exceed the current five million gold. So, it’s better to purchase it now.

2. Stack up on Gold

The dream of every WoW player – gold. It’s never enough. Players always need gold – as much as possible. That’s why if you ever have a feeling like there is not much left to do in the game, stack up on gold. It will definitely be beneficial. You will buy all the desirable items, or at least many of them.

3. Obtain the Achievements

Since BFA won’t stay with us for much longer, you should focus on completing all the achievements to enrich your WoW arsenal with rewards. For example, this applies to Ahead of the Curve: N’Zoth the Corruptor, or Battle for Azeroth Keystone Master: Season Four. The last one offers the Awakened Mindborer mount as a reward.

4. Consider Completing BFA Elite PvP Sets

You won’t have the possibility to get the BFA Season 4 PvP Elite Sets. It vanishes together with the chance to enjoy Battle for Azeroth any longer. That’s why it’s better not to waste time and unlock all the rewards.

5. Prepare Your Alts

Preparing your alts (or more like leveling them up) have never been so essential. Since the maximum level is going to be squished from 120 to 50, achieving the maximum in BFA is critical. After all, it’s better to enter the expansion with almost the highest level (the Shadowlands’ highest is 60).

6. Collect Talent-Changing Tomes

It’s obvious that we will use talent-changing tomes in Shadowlands. Some specialists even believe there will be increased demand as the coming expansion is launched. Therefore, talent-changing tomes are likely to experience a price hike. Why not buy them now?

7. Go for Island Expeditions

Although Island Expeditions remain in the game with the introduction of Shadowlands, they will definitely be more challenging to do. If you have free time now, consider focusing on Island Expeditions. You can acquire mounts, transmogs, pets. It’ll never hurt to have them in your arsenal.

8. Consider Trying the Classic Servers

You probably wonder: what is the connection between preparations for the coming expansion and WoW Classic servers? We will explain. The Classic Servers boast simplicity and provide authentic in-game experience. Basically, it reignites the spark. It can help you to enter Shadowlands being full of power and enthusiasm.

9. What About Some Time Off?

Don’t get us wrong: we don’t want you to abandon World of Warcraft. However, even the best friends need some time off. If you have been playing a lot in BFA, consider giving yourself a break. Rejuvenate a bit in a non-WoW realm and then come back as Shadowlands is launched.

Preparing for a new expansion can be divided into two sets of activities. The first one involves completing all the unfinished runs and achievements; the second one – accumulating resources. We wish you good luck with both!

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