How to Start Your Own Nerdy YouTube Channel

If you want a universal platform for sharing your nerdy videos, YouTube is undeniably your first (or only) choice. In 2017, almost 5 billion videos were being watched daily, and the site’s phenomenal growth has made it the No. 2 most visited site globally.

Starting a nerdy YouTube channel is easy enough. You create a new one from your Google account, which you most likely already have. (If you’ve used any Google product, like Gmail, that serves as your account.) Then you start uploading your videos.

The challenge is, will users click on your vids? Will they even find your channel? It’s a daunting task, especially when you are competing against 300 hours of video uploaded to the site every minute! That’s how popular YouTube is, and you shouldn’t be discouraged because there are techniques to growing your channel. One easy way to do it is to buy Youtube subs because they will automatically get notified of your new videos and watch them. Here are other proven tips to make your channel grow.

How to start a nerdy YouTube channel

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Choose your sub-niche.

Nerds have opposing views on having a niche within the community. Some geeky YouTubers advise starting a channel that covers a broad range of topics while others think it’s better to focus on a specific area. While a nerdy channel is already a niche in itself, a focus on a certain subject matter will get you users and subscribers who will remain a longer time than if you cover all nerd matters.

Topics for nerds include science fiction, anime, gaming, lessons on programming, coding and other courses, gadgets, comic books, cosplay, TV shows and movies, etc. The list is long for a nerdy YouTube channel. You can do tutorials, reviews, news, how-tos, or create funny vids.

If a certain topic gets a lot of followers and subscribers, you can create a new one for them and cross-promote your channels.

Optimize your video title and other metadata.

Do keyword research on nerdy topics to know what people are searching for. Google’s free Adwords or other keyword tools will show the volume of search queries for your keyword. Most of them also give synonyms with high volumes that have less stiff competition. But first, make sure your topic has videos in the search results, and look for their ranking keywords.

Google Trends will show if the popularity of your chosen keyword is rising or declining. It has options to search by term or topic and it also shows related searches. Or use the auto-complete method: type in your keyword into Google or YouTube and suggestions will come up. The most-searched word or phrase will be listed first.

For searches on Google, use the word “video” in your title. In YouTube, this term will not matter as much. Aside from a catchy and compelling title, you should have a striking thumbnail, topic tags, and an accurate description. 

Aim for user engagement.

Basically, user engagement refers to the ways a user interacts with your video. It could be through an organic search, an inbound link, sharing your content on another platform, dwell time, likes and dislikes, comments and adding your video to a user’s playlist.

Since this is a key metric of Google for video SEO, you should cultivate and develop it. A good way to do this is by coming up with high-quality content that is valuable to your niche market.

Create high-retention YouTube content.

Videos that users will watch are those that they can get something from, or that evoke emotions in them, whether it’s learning lessons or for laughs. This won’t be too hard for nerdy YouTube channels since tutorials, anime, gaming and comic books are quite popular topics. You can create your own space in the nerd niche by posting clear and professional-looking videos, with nice background music, and sound recorded with an exterior microphone.

Other elements of high retention videos are original and engaging content, an intriguing title, and a video that has a length of 3 – 7 minutes, for a start. If you can’t come up with original content (which is a common problem,) try adding something new that will be helpful to the viewer. Dialogues should flow easily and without “ummms” and “ahhhs.”

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