Dragons, they are the quintessential symbols of the fantasy medium. Suffice to say, we geeks all know dragons, probably better than other types of people. Which is why we also love How to Train Your Dragon, especially now that the third movie has concluded the trilogy. However, no matter how big of a fan you are, there are too many How to Train You Dragon dragons, remembering them all can be a pain and stands in the way of true fandom.

That’s why we at Forever Geek are here to help you not embarrass yourself with your lack of encyclopedic dragon knowledge. Don’t worry, we are accomplished graduates of some of the most prestigious Dragonology schools which totally exist. Of course, knowing these How to Train Your Dragon dragons is the first step to slaying befriending them, and ultimately riding them into battle like a boss.

For that to happen, you would have to know what that particular dragon’s favorite color is… Okay maybe not, knowing its name and temperament is enough, no need to take it out on a date first. So, take your pick and choose wisely from these How to Train Your Dragon dragons– from the trilogy films:

Terrible Terror

The Vikings of Berk were all drunk when they named this dragon. They are some of the smallest and are no bigger than a house cat. Often, they behave like pests since they are still ferocious “beasts” despite their size, kind of like any angry person below 5-feet.

Hideous Zippleback


A large dragon with a split-personality, one head breathes gas while the other ignites it. For that matter, it’s harder to tame since it has two minds, similar to bickering siblings.

Monstrous Nightmare

The most ferocious and perhaps the most-feared dragon. Its long horns give its moniker justice. They are large, fearless, strong, and proud… and they know it. Earn their trust and you have a formidable combat dragon who is the first to charge and the last to retreat.


Inspired by a walrus, a tadpole, a trash can, and a bulldog. Therefore, this medium dragon possesses all the behaviors and characteristics of all of those but lazier and snores louder.


Contrary to the appearance of these large dragons, they are actually calm. However, they are also sensitive, be a little too loud and they will stop being calm to you.


Photo by Ladybrasa

A large dragon with toxic skin. While its skin also serves as a defense mechanism, it also gives the Threadtail an unbearable itch which it tries to relieve using dragonberry bushes.


Photo by Cool Doggy

A small dragon whose eyes are bigger than its stomach. For that matter, its appetite is huge and they tend to eat anything they see. These wretched mischievous cuties ought to start their own food blog.


Medium pack dragons which often stay on the ground but fly when needed. They tend to stay in herds or groups and can cause stampedes that resemble rolling thunders, hence their name.


Photo by NarendraMartosudarmo

Don’t let their chubby and oafy appearance fool you. These medium dragons are intelligent and often level-headed. They also work with other dragons to tackle problems systematically instead of engaging them head-on.


As their name implies, the Seashocker is a marine dragon which lives in deep and icy waters. These medium dragons also hunt in packs or pods using their electric charge to shock their prey.


Photo by Apoa’s Shadow

Another medium-sized chubby dragon. They are also lazy and love to eat. Unlike other dragons, they’re also chill and will welcome visitors without aggression or threats. They make for perfect suburban neighbors.


Photo by Youngtrainer

Another medium dragon species to add to the friendly dragon list. They behave like curious dogs and often welcome newcomers with frivolous and persistent sniffing, often leading to the discomfort of the uninitiated.


If you ever were looking for a dragon which will let strangers ride them, then the Windgnasher is perfect for you. These medium dragons are also very friendly but will protect their friends at all costs from any perceived threat.


Photo by Youngtrainer

Ferocious large dragons that can heat up the air and use it as a weapon to attack opponents. They do look to an “alpha” for leadership and will fight viciously for that said leader.


Photo by Neilandio

Despite being a large dragon, the Thornridge is incredibly shy and prefer to be wallflowers. They do tend to avoid fights and involvement but will readily help friends or its home when it matters.


Photo by HTTY Wiki

Playful medium dragons which behave like babies and listen to no one. So far, the film has only shown them in infant stages, but even in their adulthood, they are said to have unlimited energy.

Crimson Gorecutter

Imposing large dragons that prefer to be left in peace. Why? Because they will spit molten lava at you if you don’t. If you survive that by any chance, they will ram you with their molten antlers. Fun.


These medium dragons are intended to look like rhinoceros and also tend to have an appetite similar to those. As such, they constantly sniff the ground looking for stuff to eat. They tend to be aggressive but are often friendly to their riders.


Photo by HTTY Wiki

True to their name, the Raincutter loves wet and rainy environments. Why? Food. These large dragons are always looking for grub and rain brings those out. They can prove to be extremely loyal and grateful to their riders or rescuers, however.


Chubby medium dragons which are, as you might have guessed, lazy. They are, however, crankier than most lazy dragons and are only friendly until something angers them. They also spit molten lava, but hey, they can be motherly and sweet… sometimes.


These large dragons probably look wiser than most to you, that’s because they usually are. They are also proud, confident, and super-friendly, a perfect mount for Valka, Hiccup’s mom.

Deadly Nadder

One of the most beautiful dragons known to Berk. These medium dragons are also narcissistic because of their innate beauty and they constantly groom themselves. It is also allergic to cheap food or cheap prey, but that’s nothing Astrid can’t handle.

Red Death


A dragon so huge and gigantic in size, it’s probably bigger than all the preceding creatures in this How to Train Your Dragon all dragons list. Because of its size, it does not hunt for itself and often bullies smaller dragons to do that. If they don’t, then they get eaten instead. It’s a dragon’s life indeed.


Turns out, this gigantic dragon is a lot bigger than Red Death. As such, they are the largest known dragon species so far in Berk. Thankfully, they are often docile and are caring for their smaller fellow dragons.


Photo by HTTY Wiki/Valyrian Wildfire

If you thought the Monstrous Nightmare was, well, nightmare-inducing, then the Deathgrippers beg to differ. They are large dragons which will give even the Monstrous Nightmare some bad dreams. They are certified dragon-killers and they also tend to toy with their prey… or food.

Night Fury

The dragon poster boy of the film trilogy. The Night Fury is actually a medium dragon shrouded in mystery… until Toothless, of course. After him, the whole of Berk discovered that these stealthy fire bombers are rather dorky and playful. They are also intelligent and can communicate well with humans once befriended.

Light Fury

Photo by Photo by HTTY Wiki/Cassellea

Essentially, a female Night Fury. They are also elusive and aloof initially but do possess the same intelligence and qualities of a Night Fury. However, they are more fabulous and elegant.

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