How can you watch Duty After School Part 2 online, and how many episodes does season 1 of the hit K-drama have in total?

World TV may be dominated by shows airing on OTT streaming platforms such as Netflix or Disney; however, there are countless shows outside of these services that are well-worth your time.

This includes Duty After School, an enthralling Korean drama series about a group of students fending off an alien invasion, that has just made its long-awaited return with its final four episodes.

So, how can you watch Duty After School Part 2 online, how many episodes are in the K-drama overall, and what happened in the Part 1 (episode 6) finale?

How to watch Duty After School Part 2 online

In South Korea, Duty After School Part 2 was broadcast via the TVING online streaming platform at 4 PM KST on Friday, April 21.

Fans of the series outside of South Korea can watch Duty After School on the Rakuten Viki service.

Rakuten Viki offers a seven-day free trial of their premium service, after which new users will have to pay $4.99 a month for an active subscription – the first two episodes from Duty After School are currently available to watch for free.

However, fans should note that it takes some time for the subtitle team at Viki to upload the subtitles to individual episodes in English; at the time of writing, Viki labels Duty After School Part 2 as releasing on Saturday, April 22.

Duty After School Part 2 will also be made available on Viu; however, access is limited to Asian and Middle Eastern territories including Bahrain, Egypt, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, and Thailand amongst others.

Duty After School Part 2 consists of four individual episodes, taking the season 1 total to 10 episodes – Part One was released on March 31, 2023.

What happened in episode 6, the Part 1 finale?

Duty After School episode 6, the Part One finale, opened with Kim Won-bin trying to calm the remaining students down, only for Park Yoon-seo to have a panic attack and pass out from the emotional stress.

The group goes to Shelter 8 and whilst they are initially happy to see that there are no nearby alien spheres, they are shocked to find that many of those inside have already been killed.

Lee interrogates the survivors, explaining how their supply mission was cut short by the attack – the students left are enraged at being left behind by the adults, with many wondering if they are only to be used as canon-fodder.

This leads Lee and Kim Won-bin to think that the spheres have gained a higher level of intelligence since their arrival; because why would they go after this shelter when it’s so far away from the city center?

As night falls, the students begin to panic once again; Yoo-jung is concerned about Park Yoon-seo taking a gun, who blames herself for the death and destruction that seems to follow her around.

In the middle of an emotional breakdown, Yoon-seo points the gun at Lieutenant Lee but ends up accidentally shooting Kim Won-bin – the rest of the group watches in horror as they are unsure what to do next, or even who to trust at this point.

Thankfully, Won-bin is stable and soon regains consciousness to try to calm the students down. Lee is angry that they would take a bullet for him, but the two acknowledge that they need to return to the relative safety of their base the next day.

Later that evening as Na-ra and Chi-yeol watch the night sky, they spot some of the smaller spheres sending signals to the larger mothership. Lee thinks that the spheres are planning to attack another nearby shelter and whilst the group initially appears to follow the withdrawal plan, they secretly make an agreement to head towards the shelter.

The students’ fear turns to motivation as they know that Lee will be punished for insubordination if their mission fails; the group spends the rest of the evening laughing and joking, thinking of a time before the war started.

The next day, they come up with a plan to bait the spheres to a nearby college campus before using explosives to make their escape. Unfortunately, the spheres arrive much sooner than expected, leading Lee to stay behind to finish rigging the charges.

Lee makes Won-bin promise to get the kids to safety as the spheres begin to close in on his location. Duty After School episode 6 ends with the students blowing up the building; the spheres and Lee still inside.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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