Spread the holiday cheer with this easy to install plugin (just click install and activate it if you’re running a self-hosted WordPress). The Let It Snow WordPress plugin developed by Aen Tan is a boon for guys running blogs from WordPress.com.


It’s definitely a cheap thrill to start new conversations with your readers. The screen shot above is from my personal blog and it’s been perpetually snowing. It would have been nice to have the option of having the snow not disappear as it does litter the bottom of my browser window (we’re running Firefox). On Safari for Mac, the snow seems to render better. The snowfall direction also randomizes with every reload of the browser.

Again, cheap thrills. If you’re running a self hosted version of WordPress, simply search for “Snow” in the plugins section and you’ll find it in the top entry. If you’re on WordPress.com, you’ll find the option available in your dashboard under “Extras.”

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