HTC Diamond Mobile Touch Screen

If you’re in the market for a new mobile phone and you don’t want the obvious choices of a Nokia N95 or the new 3G iPhone then perhaps this is a mobile (or cell if you prefer) phone that’s just for you.  The HTC Diamond is an extremely funky device of just the right size with a wonderful shiny black finish that you’ll love.  The outside of the phone really is a joy, featuring brushed steel and faceted edges – there aren’t too many gadgets that look like this.

As mentioned the main focus here is the touch screen technology, and HTC has done something rather special here.  The TouchFLO 3D technology is marvellous, and you’ll find that there’s intuitive usability on offer rather than just gimmicky menu systems.  This means that the host of (and there really is a host) features aren’t lost and should be easily navigable to find just what you’re looking for.

The camera is 3.2MP and features the usual suspects including autofocus, video and sound recording.  There’s also a secondary VGA camera for when you’re making fancy video calls over the 3G network.  I’m not surprised if this is a feature that you literally never use (I certainly don’t use mine) but it’s good to have it in there anyway.

It’s worth mentioning the quality MP3 player, stereo FM radio and video playback.  It is all stored on an internal 4GB memory so you shouldn’t have any problems making sure that you have your favourite tunes on there.  Similar to the Nokia N95 you’ll get access to Pocket Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, and PDF Viewer) straight out of the box.  Great for if you’ve got a particularly hectic lifestyle.

In terms of connectivity you’ve got wireless and HSDPA (3G) for quick internet access.  This should all be quite easy to set up thanks to HTC including Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional – it should also make it familiar to those who’ve used the previous versions of Windows Mobile for any systems.

As is the latest trend with mobiles, the phone also includes GPS and A-GPS so you never need to be lost again.  You naturally have to buy access to the map/satellite use after your trial period but if you want to use your phone as a true multifunction device then you won’t mind this too much.  It also should mean that you have the latest maps available so should never end up going too far off the beaten track.

Will you like the HTC?  Almost certainly.  It looks great, is quite easy to use thanks to the touch screen and gives you all the features you’d want.  Perhaps the only thing you’ll want is a good duster to keep those fingerprint marks away!

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