Hulkpool? Give me strength!

One of the most contrived and cheesey plots I have seen for a long time.

I loved every minute of it.

Hulked-Out Heroes #1

Okay, I can’t take anymore. I have come down with a bad case of overexposure, all connection to my capacity for logic seems to have been totally disrupted.

World War Hulks: Hulked-Out Heroes #1 has absolutely nothing to do with the main Fall Of The Hulks storyline, stars the most unlikely cast with the Thing as Blackbeard, Devil Dinosaur and Moon Boy, Hawkeye and the Two Gun Kid, in one of the most contrived and cheesey plots I have seen for a long time.

I loved every minute of it.

See what I mean about my capacity for logic?

The transformed Hulkpool bears the same hatred for Deadpool as the Hulk bore for Banner, and comes up with the ingenious plan to travel back in time to kill Deadpool. Thankfully bereft of his internal dialogue and with the inept assistance of Bob, the former Hydra agent who hoped to further his career with a position in AIM (that’ll work – not), Hulkpool becomes a swashbuckling pirate of the seven seas as Dr Doom’s first time machine only wants to offer re-runs.

If only I had shares in that machine, considering how many times it seems to have changed hands.

Other than Brightest Day, it seems a quiet week for DC. So now we know, only twelve people were resurrected, obviously to some indecipherable master plan that it will take a bi-weekly series and possibly a year to explain. Oh, and Krypton has fallen to the forces of Brainiac. But that is it for the big events.

Siege however seems to be dragging now, and I look forward to the beginning of the Heroic Age, and the return of self contained titles.

Funny, it used to be the inter-connectedness of the comics universes that attracted me to the medium. Now I long for a return to the seventies, where crossovers were a treat, something surprising, or at least eagerly anticipated. Now I look forward to the end of Event-fatigue.

Are we there yet?

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