Well, Free Comic Book Day has been and gone again, but it’s taken me a while to read through my stash from the day. As ever, the greatest treat I had left buried at the bottom of the pile.

Of course, I have always come to expect good things from Boom!, and as regular readers of this column know that it seems the team of Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, commonly known (among geeks) as DnA, rarely if ever fail to deliver excellent product.

So it goes with the teaser issue of The Hypernaturals. Establishing the framework of this new world, we are introduced to a super-team that has lasted for a hundred years, replaced periodically with a whole new crop of members; while humanity has spread across the stars and formed a galactic civilisation.

The newest team have departed on their first mission, and as one can imagine, it does not go well. In a media-oriented society, as the Hypernatural veterans gather they barely get a chance to determine what has happened to the recent recruits.

To tell you more than this would be to spoil the story, but can I just note that the personality of many of the characters show through immediately (although I also hope that they each contain some surprises), and despite the heavy presence of obvious back-story, the reader is drowned in it, but merely given enough to understand what is going on and invited to imagine the remainder. As like all great writers, Dan and Andy give us enough to kick-start our imaginations, and leave the rest of the work to us.

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The art of Brad Walker and Tom Derrenick is crisp and clear, presently a beautifully sanitised vision of the future yet making it all seem so very normal. (Well, as normal as skin-tight clad metahumans in a sci-fi environment can be!) What really struck me was the continuation of cable news and annoying phones, even if both are now composed of holograms.

This is a series I eagerly await, and what better way to introduce it to the world than the FCBD?

Looking towards today, I am forced by cosmic law beyond my control to point out that it’s Fantastic Four day again!

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