I hate the iPhone

By Jim

I hate it, I hate it, I hate it. It’s everywhere I look, my friends have it, my neighbors have it, my family has it, my POSTMAN has it too! Oh darn it, can’t anyone have any other phone except the iPhone? It has become an eyesore. Sure it’s pretty (liked having one before), but I see it everywhere… and it has turned to be “not pretty” anymore. Geez, it’s like a germ… it’s everywhere.

It doesn’t help when competitors try to ride the design and functionality bandwagon and “try” to be an iPhone too. Hmm.. Actually that may be the key. I think they’re all planning to be iPhones, that way when everything is an “iPhone” then there is no iPhone. Reminded me of “The Incredibles” actually… when everyone’s a superhero, then no one is!

It’s a vicious iPhone Cycle… you buy the expensive phone, get hit with expensive phone plans, buy software for it, get frustrated that these are expensive too… and for what? coolness? Ah, I’d rather save up and buy something I’d need more… like a laptop… or something that will pay for itself. A better productivity tool. Yeah, the iPhone is a lesser productivity tool… IF you need a phone, get a phone… period. OR get someone to buy you an iPhone if you really want it… and let THEM pay for everything it needs.

I am not quite surprised that this webpage has come live. And there are those who feel the way I do. Take this survey from MSN to see if you NEED an iPhone to punish you this year.

I dare you to give me an iPhone and I’d blog about how I hate it more! (tongue in cheek)

(photo credits: Maclife)

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