An iconic Stranger Things filming location is being prepared for the show’s season 5 amid the SAG-AFTRA strikes.

Production of Stranger Things season 5 is still underway despite the ongoing Hollywood writer’s strike dealing a blow to the show’s production schedule. A new tweet shows one of fan-favorite Hawkins locations being prepared for filming the Netflix show once the strike concludes. Season 5 of Stranger Things is its final and is set to feature the final showdown between the Hawkins gang and boss villain Vecna.

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Fan-favorite Stranger Things set is coming back in season 5

Jared from ItsJaredFilm took to Twitter on Sunday, August 13 to post aerial shots of a Stranger Things season 5 filming location. It’s none other than Hawkins High School. The location is being prepared to film the show’s final season once the SAG-AFTRA strikes conclude.

“Only the back half of the school has newly painted concrete. The water tower has been painted and the temporary AC units are ready to go!” the Twitter user says in a post that’s been retweeted by Stranger Things Insider, a trusted source of all Stranger Things-related news. Stranger Things Insider further states there have been reports of a location manager being onsite this week.

Another Twitter user who went to the site six months ago said they had security guards outside even at the time.” To this the original poster ItsJaredFilm replied, “They still do because it is camera ready so don’t need fans trying to break in.”

The real location behind Hawkins high school

The school that Mike, Will, Dustin, and Lukas went to on Stranger Things is located in Stockbridge which is 10 kilometers south of Atlanta. The school in the Netflix show used to be a real high school before it was shut down in 2015.

The Patrick Henry High School shut down in 2015. Some of the facilities in the former high school are on rent now. FilmQuest notes that its middle segment now has the Patrick Henry Adult Education Centre for adults.

Hawkins High School location has an Eddie Munson memorial

Following season 4’s end, a Redditor who visited Hawkins High School filming location showed fans that there’s an Eddie Munson memorial at the school.

Reddit user u/thebentaylor posted a picture of a corner at the filming location. The said corner is a memorial for Eddie, a character featured and killed off in season 4.

It has a drawing of Eddie with a box of Honey Comb, a cereal Eddie eats in season 4. There’s also a tin can of Spaghetti that he eats when in hiding. There are polaroids, roses, and letters from fans too. It’s unclear if the memorial is still there.

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