Ideas for a Specialty Geek Blog

Geek blogs are all over the place these days, why would you want to start another one that’s just one among the many? I can think of many reasons, but making money is not one of them; so if you’re thinking of starting a geek blog as a money-making activity, you might as well skip this post.

What defines a geek?

Merriam-Webster gives us two definitions:

1. A person who is socially awkward and unpopular: a usually intelligent person who does not fit in with other people

2. A person who is very interested in and knows a lot about a particular field or activity.


I suppose that we can all agree that the more common idea of a geek today is the second one. Anyone can be a passionate about anything and know a lot about that “thing”. So we have movie geeks, computer geeks, grammar geeks, comic book geeks, and all sorts of geeks. You can even have all of them rolled into one geeky package.

Given that, I think it’s not wrong to say that starting a geek blog is all about the intensity of your interest in a particular field. You start a geek blog because you want to and because you can.

I think it’s not presumptuous of me to say that you, readers of ForeverGeek, know how to set up a blog. You think of a name and a URL, and you can check on or other sites if the domain is available. You choose the platform you want, and so on.

The question now is what kind of geek blog do you want to start? Here are some ideas which you can use as a springboard if you’re not sure what are to focus on, especially if you have a lot of “geek”.

Curated geeky items from Etsy or other online shops

A good example of this idea is Stiqblox, a blog which highlights news and updates on crowdfunded games, gadgets, comics, movies, and more. It curates content from other sites, which makes it a one-stop-shop, making it easier for geeks to find new things.

There are so many different platforms selling items like geek t-shirts, mugs, accessories, and other collectibles. Why not start a blog wherein you can manually curate items that meet your standards?

Geek travel

I don’t mean a travel blog, but if you like to travel and have lots of occasions to do so, then a geek travel blog is the perfect idea. You can cover so many things:

  • Places where notable people were born or are buried
  • Places that have a special place in mythology, fantasy, or even sci-fi
  • Hotels or accommodations that have geek themes

Geek-themed pubs/bistros

Geek Out Geek Bar!!

Geek-themed pubs are very popular, so you can create a specialty geek blog covering this niche. There have even been successfully funded Kickstarter projects for geek bars.

You will find lots of lists published on bigger sites about geeky pubs, bistros, bars, or restaurants, but you can go narrower and start a blog that covers only these kinds of places. You might have to start slowly, within your area; but you can also travel to surrounding areas to find such establishments.

These are just three simple ideas for a specialty geek blog, which can get your creative juices running. What do you think of them? Do you have any other ideas? Why don’t we discuss them in the comments?

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