Dragon Hunter 2 may have slipped under your radar, dear Android user. I was surprised myself, initially downloading it based on the number of stars it received in the Android Marketplace, but I admit that I had to dig deeper into the list of games to find this one. I have never played this series before — I had no idea what part I was. In fact, after playing this, the “2” seems irrelevant.

Dragon Hunter 2 is a defense game where you have to defend your base against swarms of dragons. You start off with a ballista and flick your finger in the general direction and angle of the incoming waves to take all the dragons down. Initially, the absence of a targeting system was rather bizarre but I found the controls to be rather intuitive as you don’t need to be 100% accurate when taking down each dragon. It seems like you’re hitting a square target that’s rendered into the shape of a dragon.

Although it sounds easy and yes, maybe oversimplified because the graphics don’t stand out too much, I will admit that Dragon Hunter 2 has a relatively good amount of depth. As you kill dragons, the corpses fall into the water. A viking boat comes and picks up the corpses which is used for food for your troops. At the beginning, you have 3 troops — two operating the ballista and one boatman. Later on your crew size increases to having more archers, faster boats, a repair crew on a zip line and mages on top of the tower that do area of effect damage. This is where the game gets more interesting, as you battle more powerful dragons, sea monsters and bosses. Sure, the graphics are nothing like Army of Darkness Defense, but it’s still hella fun and don’t you forget — FREE.

At the end of every level you receive food and gold. You can use the gold to buy upgrades for your defense and offense and the food is automatically used to feed the crew. One technique to get more food is to wait for the dragons to come nearer so that the boat has an easier time gathering. Of course the payoff is that if you start missing, your tower goes down.

Dragon Hunter 2 is free for Android. [DOWNLOAD HERE]

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