If Intel's Tick Tock model is predictable, expect a 1nm processor in your brain by 2016

Hey geeks look at this chart. This is Intel’s “Tick-Tock” model for releasing faster, denser and smaller chips. You have an alternating innovation between making chip sizes smaller (Tick) and reinventing the chip to bring in new features (Tock). It’s sorta like how Nokia releases the 5800 XpressMusic phone and then shrinks it to the 5530 XpressMusic phone or the Nokia N97 and then following it up with the N97 mini. Yay, I managed to make the example uncomplicated.

A lot has happened since the 65nm Intel Core architecture and by next year we’re going to be seeing the new Sandy Bridge thingamajig released to the public. But that’s not the whole point of this whole article. What I want to illustrate with this chart is that the time line is predictable. Even Intel says so. Smaller chips. Better technology. Better technology. Better technology. You get the drift. So if you plot the X axis into infinity we’re going to expect chips at 1 nanometer embedded in our brands in 2016. By that time I’ll be at the latter part of my career as a media mogul and would probably retire after seeing what the world will be like with all of us embedding chips in our brains.

“In our time, all we did was embed YouTube videos into our blogs!”

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