You’ve certainly noticed the infographics that Darice has been posting on the site regularly, and I have to say that she has opened up a whole new world for me.  Sometimes, I find myself reading infographics for an hour – that’s saying a lot as my attention span is rather short.

Anyhow, in one of those infographics sprees, I ran across one that I simply couldn’t pass up on.  It’s meant to be taken in the spirit of fun, which I know you guys will get. ;)

Quick summary:

  • Firefox puts so much stuff in your head you go crazy, but you can’t dump her.
  • Opera is slim, sexy, and tough. Might not be your type if you like a whole lotta woman, though.
  • Safari is a hottie – what everyone wants, but is over generous with her friends?
  • Chrome is extremely skinny but friendly. Yes!
  • Internet Explorer – definitely the first one most have tried.
  • Personification of the browsers aside, I mainly use Chrome now for performance reasons. As the image shows, it is extremely lean and user friendly. However, there are times when I need to use Mozilla Firefox because of all the “stuff she puts in your memory.” So which browser do you use?

    Going back to personification one last time – I wish I could create one of these with the title “If Men Were Browsers.” Now that would be so much fun! Anyone want to work on it with me?

    via Sharenator

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