"I'm Not Worth a Bullet!"

The more I see of Ubisoft’s forthcoming download-only first-person survival game I Am Alive, the more I’m digging it. This new trailer shows you how realistic combat is in this survival-focused, post-apocalyptic city.

The name of the game is “resources,” because they are so very few. As one player in this trailer says, since he’s not going to fight you, he’s literally not worth one of your precious bullets. When was the last time you heard an NPC say something like that?

Guns are just one way you have to dispatch enemies, but that’s only when you must fight at all. Ubisoft advises you to avoid combat whenever possible, by staying clear of hostile encounters or even bluffing your way out of a fight. When fighting is unavoidable, you can use a knife to slit your opponent’s throat, or snipe them from afar with a bow and arrow, after which you can retrieve your arrow from the body.

What impresses me is that this is really how you’d fight in the real world, in a scenario such as the one presented in the game. You wouldn’t have unlimited ammo; you’d have whatever you can get your hands on, and you’d use it sparingly because you wouldn’t know when or if you’ll be getting more. You’d favor bladed weapons that don’t require ammunition, and you certainly wouldn’t seek out other city residents just to try and kill them.

I Am Alive hits Xbox Live on February 15th.

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