iMac Shuffle: It's Apple announcement day!

With today’s Apple’s iPhone 3.0 event and the wildest guesses about an Apple tablet circulating again, rumours the FG HQ does not believe in, no matter how many caffeinated drinks we enjoyed already this morning, we thought it was more important to announce Apple’s newest upgrade to an even simpler UI, thus simplificating the switch from Windows to Mac more even day.

The iMac Shuffle

No price has been announced yet, but we expect the price to be competitive with the new unibody MacBooks. Features and specs after the jump.

Amazingly Uncomplicated
Taking out the screen allowed us to make the iMac even thinner. Seriously, if we turned it to the side, you nearly wouldn’t be able to see it. We’ve also built in our latest technology – VoiceOver. We liked moving the iPod controls out of the iPod shuffle so much that we decided to replace the keyboard and mouse with the same elegant input device…our inline remote. With the combination of VoiceOver and the remote, you’ll never miss your old screen. Who needs all those colors anyway? We’ve enclosed a complete 72,000 page manual that will tell you everything you need to know about navigating using the remote. Using just those 3 buttons, remote, you can easily jump to any window, launch any program…edit multi-layered Photoshop documents, anything your heart desires, you can imagine doing.
Ports? Who needs those?
We’ve also taken out all of those unnecessary USB, Firewire and display ports. We always remove at least one useful port/storage device at random from each new Mac revision, so we figured that we’d just get a jump on ourselves and remove them all this time. Normally we replace them with a newer port/device (Floppy to CD-ROM, or DVI to Mini DisplayPort), but since we’re so far ahead of ourselves, we honestly just don’t have anything to replace them with yet. After removing them, we found that we enjoyed the clean lines of this smooth metal chassis so much that honestly, we just might not bring any ports back.
What’d we leave in? The power button and the bottom-facing speakers. That way you can hear the amazingly impressive Mac startup chime and VoiceOver in all its glory.

It’s the same iMac you love inside, with nothing to get in your way on the outside.

Any color you want…The choice is yours!
The new iMac shuffle is available in any color you want, as long as it’s silver on silver.

iMac Shuffle

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