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Immotor GO - the Sleek E-Scooter of Your Geek Dreams

Our personal transportation dreams may have come true with the introduction of the new Immotor GO. From the former CEO of mobile device charging company Mophie, Daniel Huang, comes an unlikely option to getting around without adding to freeway traffic or submitting yourself to the public transportation grind. The Immotor GO is an electric scooter with style and class. It folds in just 5 seconds and connects itself to your smartphone, using its proprietary mobile app, to activate parental controls, track your travel habits and location via GPS, create an electric fence to limit its functional distance, or even help you take pictures while in motion. Some of you might be saddened to learn there are no handle bar tassels or glittery pink wheels like your daughter’s scooter. Sorry. This is a machine for grown ups (but your kids will want to ride it too).

With a sleek matte black style highlighted with silver/gray accents, this is the black town car of scooters. But it’s not just for scooting from home to work and back. It can be transformed to carry heavy objects or just fold up into a backpack sized object that’s easy to store. The best part of the Immotor GO is that you’re not stuck with just a standard, permanently installed battery. It’s got what they call Super Batteries, which are a pair of modular, 99-watt metal batteries that are smart enough to detect how much power is needed for the function it’s performing and optimizes itself for the most efficient use of that energy. And when a battery is used up, you can swap it out for another you may have charged in the provided charger base. Even better, that batteries can also be used to charge other devices, with adapters, like your smartphone, laptop, or anything else that needs a quick pick-me-up.

It’s currently got a few weeks remaining on its Indiegogo campaign, where its blown past its funding goals long ago. If you’re an urban commuter, this might be the very thing you need to overcome the commuter rat race in style. Check out the official Immotor GO website and the Indiegogo page now before they’re gone.

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