Improving Syslog Functionality

Syslog is a log daemon on linux systems, it logs all activities like kernel messages, connection messages, mail messages etc.. Syslog default configuration writes all logs from daemons to (in most cases) /var/log/ . If you go to that directory in your linux system you will see couple of log files like messages, secure etc…

Now lets try to make it more handy :)

open /etc/syslog.conf file with your favorite text editor , and put the following line at the end:

# Log everything on tty12
*.* /dev/tty12

* Remember to use TABs not spaces between *.* and /dev/tty12 , syslog doesynt like spaces *

Save it, and then restart syslog using command:

killall -HUP syslogd

From now on, syslog writes to /var/log files and shows everything on tty12 (12-th console window).
If you’re running a graphical console like KDE,GNOME etc.. try to push CTRL+ALT+F12 to see it.

This will make syslog more handy, and now you may always see whats going on in your system :)

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