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Our Bible: In a Land Before the Internet, We Gamers Had This...

No, you young whippersnappers just don’t get it at all. Nowadays, you play your pretty, shiny, massive video games and get stuck, all you do is reach into your pocket, take out your phone, and Google whatever problem you are having so you can get past them and progress. Twenty plus years ago, that was not an option for gen-one gamers. Us true old-schoolers had to buy books and monthly magazines to learn all the cool tricks and tips and secrets and codes the games may have had hidden within them.

You scoff now, but had we not done it this way pre-internet, all those great geek pages online that tell you this stuff now wouldn’t exist because it was fanboys like ME who read these books and magazines who went on to become the writers you are reading today. Your proof being you are reading me on a gaming article right now. Boom. So let me explain this even deeper. Had I, personally, not struggled with games and fought to get the cheat codes and game breaking hints these books offered, you would not be here right now.

So gaze upon this picture, this book, this holy Bible for gamers and realize, it set the tone for everything, as old school and cheesy as it may seem. You see, we didn’t learn the Konami code from the web. We learned it from experience (and buying cool books like this back when they existed) so show some respect for their grandfathers of video game journalism.

You modern gamers got it easy. We classic gamers didn’t.

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