5 Indie Games to Keep An Eye Out for in 2017

I write up indie games a lot because I think they have a charm and accessibility most big titles lack these days. A game like Inside, anyone can pick up and play. Anyone. Whereas, if you gave a controller to someone and asked them to play any of the Arkham games, it would take them 30-60 minutes to get the hang of all the gadgets and devices you could can use as the caped crusader.

There is also an intimacy to indie games that lack in big, polished games. You can play a game like A Night in the Woods and tell you are dealing with something very personal and intimate to the creator, whereas a game like Horizon Zero Dawn (as perfect as it is) lacks that intimacy. Make sense? Well, regardless, I am still going to write about 5 indie games you will all need to pick up and play by the end of 2017.

Keep an eye out for these indie games


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be stranded in the cold, lonely, icy tundra of Canada while a blizzard wreaks havoc on everything around you? Well, good news if you happened to answer yes, as Kona is just that game.

Still mostly shrouded in mystery, but we know it is going to be released in installments (which is always pretty cool) and you will be a part of a much bigger story than first appears. Looks to have some seriously scary elements as well.

Either way, I’m keeping my eyes peeled for this one.

Beautiful Desolation

Keeping in themes that the first game presented, Beautiful Desolation is developed by Brotherhood (who did last year’s creepy stunner, Stasis) and that alone has me dialed in to Desolation. Stasis was scary in an old-school meets new-school kind of way, and the game immersed me (pun intended, as it took place underwater) like few others did last year.

So what is Beautiful Desolation about?

All we know is it takes place in a Post-apocalyptic version of Africa and it looks stunning. Little else is known but little else needs to be known to get drooling.


A horror game made by some of the team behind the first Bioshock in which you have to use echolocation to see and move around. The trailers and teasers of this game have left my jaw on the floor. Something about the world in this game seems palpably real, and the sense of isolation, even in the trailers, is omnipresent.

Also, the idea of having a protagonist in a game being someone with a disability (wherein that disability becomes a useful gift) is a cool and unique way to go with “hero of game” trope, so cannot wait to see and hear (another bad set of puns) more about Perception as it drops.

Ghost of a Tale

God bless Kickstarter, huh? In this game I kind of wish I helped fund, you play an old school Adventure game as a mouse. Yup, a cute, little Disney-esque mouse. But do not let the visage scare you off. This is no child’s game. There will be stealth, quests you can take from NPC’s, and there are even rumors of dialogue choices. And the graphics bring to mind Disney and the comic Mouse Guard, both of which are great things to be compared to.

Basically, this looks like Disney and Lucasarts finally teamed up to make the dream game they’ll never make. Now let’s just pray this indie can live up to such heights I place it on.


Below looks stunning, and I won’t lie when I say that is what drew me in here, big time. Though the characters look TINY, the detail in each animation is staggering, and the scale of the whole thing (you are VERY small) peaks my interest. It has that whole “brutal but fair” combat thing going for that all games seem to rock now, with Below also having a big emphasis on exploration.

But everything from the dank look of the underverse you explore to the haunting music that accompanies the ambient soundtrack, Below will definitely steal some hours from me when it comes out (hopefully, as expected, this year). I am also expecting some HUGE enemy encounters seeing as the protagonist is an inch tall but the screen reaches for miles. Yup, sign me up, stat!

So what indie game are YOU most looking forward to this year? Take to our comments and let us know!

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