A much closer look. The kind of look that you cannot undo. The kind that you might want to punch me in the face for showcasing these images. But hey, don’t go around blaming me and calling me the ruiner of your childhood. I’m merely sharing the work of artist Alessandro Conti, whose curiosity and imagination amazes me.

While most people would watch their favorite cartoons and take the characters at face value, Conti went one step further and imagined how some cartoon characters look like beneath their clothes – and beyond. In his work titled Inhuman Anatomy, Conti gives us a good look at the musculature of some iconic cartoon characters. And then some.

Ready to see Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Pluto, and Goofy in a totally different light?

Inhuman Anatomy
Inhuman Anatomy
Mickey Mouse
Inhuman Anatomy
Minnie Mouse
Inhuman Anatomy

Don’t you think it’s brilliant how the facial expressions of the characters remain, with or without the epidermis? I do have to say that I will never be able to look at Minnie Mouse on Disney Junior the same way again. Ever.

I understand if you don’t feel a particular affinity for the above cartoon characters, Inhuman Anatomy rendition or not. But it would be rather hard not to be affected by Conti’s portrayal of Pikachu. I think it’s worthy of an appearance on The Walking Dead, to be honest.

Inhuman Anatomy

I hope you were not eating while going through this post! For more of Alessandro Conti’s work, visit his deviantART page. And for another kind of anatomical rendition, check out a previous post on Gaming Anatomy.

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