Inside Tokyo's Long Love Affair with 'Dance Dance Revolution'

I worked at a video game arcade between 2000 and 2006, and can tell you, Dance Dance Revolution was “the shit” (which is a good thing for those who don’t know) and back then, we would lines of kids waiting to play and outdance one another to songs and dance patterns they slowly memorized over time. But a few years after it began here, the Dance Dance fad ended. People just stopped playing it and went back to making fun of how silly we all look when we try.

But flash over to Tokyo, right now, and you will see the Dance Dance seen not only still surviving, but thriving. So how is there such a cultural difference in the impact of this game between the East and the West?

Well, as typical Vice fashion, they put together a mini-documentary about Dance Dance in Tokyo,m and for any geeks, gamers, of former fans, it was well worth giving some time to. Those people don’t just LIKE the game, they LIVE for the game. And here you thought the 300 plus hours you put into the Witcher 3 made you a hardcore gamer. Just wait until you see this.

Makes us ALL look like noobs by comparison.

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