Intel to Dump Numbering Scheme and Start a New One

By Dave

Okay, I for one was annoyed with the stupid Intel number scheme, what is a 420? And a 630? Well, it looks like they are going to drop that numbering scheme. Don’t clap yet, as they are looking at introducing a new one, which looks even more confusing.

The Inquirer has the details of the new scheme:

The newer system uses letters and numbers in the form X00, the first letter being the the class differentiator, the first number most likely being the family, the second being speed, and the two trailing zeros add ‘1337’-ness.

Yonah could well be the first to get the treatment, and it appears as if it will be dubbed the x1x00 series. The normal processors will be labelled T1x00, low voltage will be L1x00 and ULV models will be U1x00. Got that? But the situation will become more confused when the Merom family of cores is launched. Merom itself is another T’, but the second number is either a 4 or 6, and I have no idea what the difference is, speed is the next number. Possibly cores, but who knows.

For the desktop, Conroe will get the dreaded S moniker, and it seems all the Conroe variants will stick with the same letter. Higher variants will get higher numbers, capping out at 5 for Conroe. One source said Allendale will be a 2, another denied that. Either way, look for S5x00 for this line with others to follow.

I used to work at a computer store, and during sales pitches, I spent an amazing amount of time answering the question “so how fast is this?” The new numbering scheme does not seem to fix that problem and thus is completely useless to me and most other people. I know they want to shift away from gigahertz and other descriptive words and create a numbering scheme that helps people compare two Intel processors, but really, this is just stupid.

A much more simple approach would be to make it in such a way that when you look at it you know how fast it is, and what features it has without needing a manual. Something more like 2.4Ghz 64-bit Dual-Core/HT. Any computer guy in any store can look at that and go, it is a dual-core 2.4 Ghz CPU with Hyper-threading. Why complicate things?

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