Internet Bundle Subscriptions You Need To Be Subscribed To If You're A Fan Of Online Gaming

If you’ve been around the online gaming sphere for some time, you’ll know that your latency in games can make the difference between a swift victory or a crushing defeat.

Part of managing your latency is picking video game servers that are close to where you live, but your internet provider is also a huge piece of the puzzle that shouldn’t be neglected. If you’re constantly suffering losses in video games, you should know that it it’s possible that it isn’t a lack of skill responsible (at least not entirely), but actually your slow internet connection that’s holding you back.

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of ping, or have seen it and don’t know what it means, let me explain to you. Ping is measured in milliseconds, and it is the time difference between communications between your system and the server’s. So, if you have a ping of 100m/s that means you’re a full second behind the server. This will affect how quickly you are able to see someone come around a corner as well as how quickly your inputs are relayed to the server. Suffice to say, those with a lower ping are at a huge advantage over their higher-pinged enemies. Having a poor internet connection is just one of the many reasons your ping might be absurdly high.

Anyone serious about online gaming need to pick out the fastest internet subscription available to them. Since this means that not all internet bundles are created equal, it’s important to know what kinds of bundles work best for online gamers compared to the casual web browser types.



Here’s just a few of the best bundles to buy if online gaming is your specialty:

Verizon Fios

Fios is the Verizon brand of fiber optic internet, and the proof is in the pudding as to how fantastically speedy it can be. Remember when having “fast” internet meant more or less anything over 40 mbps upload/download speed? Well, Verizon Fios offers, what’s referred to as Gigabit Internet with a download speed of 940mbs and an upload speed of 880mbs. That’s like riding in a rocket while everyone else is still stuck on the horse and buggy. This huge speed doesn’t have to be huge on the wallet, either. There are tons of Fios deals out there to make switching to ultra fast internet cost you less than a hundred dollars each month. This is the kind of internet speed we thought impossible just a few years ago. Once you’ve upgraded to a fiber optic connection, say goodbye to ever having to deal with video game lag again.


Xfinity Fiber


For all of the flak that Comcast has gotten over the years, they’ve actually shaped up a lot recently and have begun offering some pretty great bundles that include really fast internet on top of it all. Xfinity Fiber is one of the fastest fiber optic networks you can subscribe to, essentially all fiber optic networks could be giving you the max speed, but each individual provider chooses how much they’ll end up giving you at the end of the day, kind of like them deciding how strongly they’ll turn on your “internet faucet”, if that analogy makes any sense. Xfinity gives you some of the highest speeds available on the market and they are priced very competitively.


AT&T Fiber Internet


While some companies will go with a fancy name to help differentiate their service from another, AT&T gives you the straight dope and decided to just stick with Fiber while putting all of their effort into making sure their service is top notch. Their best plans offer speeds of up to 1000 MB/s with no data caps stopping you from streaming all of the best video game technique videos right before hopping in game to try them out for yourself. With their internet bundle, a four minute 1020p HD video can be uploaded in a single second. That’s ridiculously fast when you think about it and it’ll translate directly into you being able to pull the trigger in a moment’s notice and have it register the moment you click the mouse.

It should be worth noting that while your speeds will be incredibly fast, you might be limited by the server capacities of the games you’re playing as well as the overall strain they are going through. However, in the online gaming world you need to make sure that everything is perfectly optimized in your favor if you intend on taking home a victory. This means having the right mouse and keyboard, a screen that clearly shows everything you need to see, and a stellar internet connection to keep you connected with as little delay as possible.

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