Internet Explorer 7 XPSP2 only bound?

I know this is a terrible presumption but bear with me and read the whole article first.

According to IE’s blog “IE7 relies on operating system functionality in XPSP2”.

If IE7 requires some of XPSP2’s functionalities (as Microsoft calls them) or as I like to say bugs, then this means that Longhorn will either:

a) Require these “functionalities”, therefore, be buggier than it could have been;

b) Have a re-done version of IE7, which means, an even buggier and more unsecure browser than on SP2;

Or c) (the most likely reason [that doesn’t really follow the first part of the sentence]) IE7 doesn’t require SP2’s functionalities, the only thing that is “required” is more income for Microsoft.

You may have heard a few times already that Microsoft is having trouble convincing people with older versions of their OS’es to upgrade to the latest one. Since they can’t beat them, they decide to leave people in the Neanderthal era by applying measures such as reducing support, making their newest programs compatible with the latest versions only (Office, IE7) or by even more drastic measures, having their code leaked over the Internet (ok so this last one might be exagerated).

The world is worried about Microsoft’s monopoly? I’m not, there are already plenty or alternatives, and in some cases better than Microsoft’s products. I’m worried about the way Microsoft is pulling it’s strings, this might sound corny but, Microsoft started off as Anakin and has now become a Darth Vader of the computer industry (ok it’s very corny).

What’s keeping technology from evolving? It’s not the lack of processing capability, that’s for sure, it’s the lack of enough market share of competitor OS’es to give Microsoft a run for their money and to learn how to treat their customers better, instead of devising ways of milking as much money from them as they can.

Until that day comes, Microsoft can continue strengthening their Death Star and swallow everything around them, but I for one am almost sure that in my next system, I will join the rebellion.

(No more Star Wars puns, I promise! I promise!)

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