Internet Explorer Turns 10

By Dave

It is aging fast, as the browser turned 10 recently. I know not many of the Forever Geek viewers use Internet Explorer, but the fact remains it is still out there, and has taken 10 years to get to where it is today.

Christopher Vaughan on his msdn blog talks about Internet Explorer, and has this to say:

When we were working on early versions of Internet Explorer we had no idea where the Internet would take the world, or how we would fit in. Think back: do you remember the first commercial you saw on TV where the advertiser actually showed their URL (I remember: for me it was a Colgate commercial). We do so much with our browsers today that we take for granted, but do you remember the first time you bought something over the Internet? What about the first time you checked your bank balance, the first time you booked concert tickets, or the first time you were pointed to an URL instead of a .EXE file to install an application? Itâ??s an amazing experience to be involved in a product thatâ??s been part of such a revolution.

With that, happy birthday to Internet Explorer and thank you to everyone whoâ??s used IE and are excited as I am about IE 7!

Some of the questions he asked, I have not really thought about though. I guess for me, the internet has been integrated into my life so much, that I don’t really think about the first time I had done something on it. I’d love some FG readers to answer some of the questions though, I’d be interested if any of you can remember those things.

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