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Geek and video game culture has changed over the years from being something that was mocked and looked at like a joke, to becoming a powerful resource for STEAM learning in classrooms, giving people hope and going as far as becoming a lifestyle for some. 

My name is Katya Stec Szewczuk, voice actress and founder of the YouTube and soon-to-be website MiscatSquad, a daily geek culture and Let’s Play talk show series focusing on in-depth analysis of characters, scenes, and discussions about how both geek and video game culture has greatly affected the lives of others. We focus on All Age content where kids, teens, and adults come from all over the world to show off what types of fans they are by “embracing their inner fangirl and fanboy every, single day” as our slogan states. 
The power of geek isn’t just playing video or tabletop games, cosplaying, roleplaying, larping or creating fan art of your favorite ships, it’s more of a way for people to express themselves fully, and appreciate who they are inside and out. My greatest goal as the Executive Producer of MiscatSquad has always been to create a “safe place where people who are looked at as misfits can all come to hang out, feel accepted and express being a fan”, because it is so important, especially for kids to express their talents, hobbies, and personalities. 

A great example of video games being used in the classroom as STEAM is Gamer Society, founded by Antonio Perez who is also the Marketing Director at Game Changer a non-profit, charity organization that uses video games and technology to help children with life-threatening illnesses. Gamer Society focuses on inspiring children to learn through play and supports economically-challenged school districts, proving that video games and programming can be used as a form of education. 

Another example of how geek culture and video games can impact lives is the YouTube Channel GameDave a retro, old school, and modern talk show hosting weekly reviews, retrospectives, gaming stories, and all kinds of video game fun. On an episode of Digitally Distracted, Dave talked about how DnD affected his and his friends’ lives when they were young, and shows us how this type of creative play truly leaves an impact on someone’s life. 

One experience that truly brought people together was playing and reacting to the game God of War on MiscatSquad where we touched on some heavy topics such as family, growing up, mental health (talking about Atreus’ mood swings and fits) and tough love. These characters represented so much that it wasn’t just a game, it became an experience because Cory Barlog (director of God of War) captured the true meaning of family in an unforgettable journey. 

Video game characters become our friends, almost family at times when we need them the most. Spyro the Dragon is one character that will always be my childhood hero because when I was growing up I needed a friend and I needed courage. He was the only character and the impact that allowed me to get through the tough times of my childhood and helped me overcome a lot of hardships in my life.

These characters also inspire us when we grow up, like how Nolan North’s performance of Nathan Drake inspired me to pursue voice acting and gave me the belief I needed to make it a reality. I live by the motto “Greatness from small beginnings” every day and share that quote with everyone who needs a bit of inspiration, especially kids. 

And even the great Nolan North and Troy Baker have started their own YouTube Channel Retro Replay where they share emotions, voices, and stories while playing retro video games and sharing the joy of those games with younger and older generations. 
This lifestyle of game and geek has come so far and has provided the world with joy, positivity, and entertainment for many years. It is such a blessing and breath of fresh air to see how kids nowadays can play video games in public, wear anime t-shirts, cosplay as their favorite DnD characters and just really be themselves in an online and offline space. 
The reason MiscatSquad exists today is that I didn’t have the creative freedom when I was growing up. I was bullied and looked down on for playing video games, cosplaying as Spyro or Pokemon characters, or simply talking about new manga chapters or anime episodes. I was cut off from the world because the world didn’t accept me. So I promised that I would one day create a place where all kids, teens, and adults could be themselves and never be mocked or bullied because of their geekiness and originality. And that’s how MiscatSquad began. 

This post was written by Katya Stec Szewczuk. She is a voice actress, producer and founder of MiscatSquad the geek culture and Let’s Play talk show for All Ages of Geek. She has worked with publishers such as Candlewick Press, HarperCollins and more providing voice-overs for children’s book trailers and their memorable characters. She hosts the daily talk shows on MiscatSquad with a commentary style that is both comedic and methodical. Find her online:

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