iPod Socks Review

Being an iPod Nano owner, the protection of it shell has always been a big worry to me. Even though I already glued an “Invisible Shield” cover on it, I can’t help fear dropping it everytime I take it out of my pocket and leaving a large, and undesirable, dent on it. Therefore, given the options in the market, I thought that the iPod socks would solve the problem. So read on for my full review, and what I think about it.

The Box

(As you can already see the Pink sock has been taken out. One of the bonuses you instantly gain when you buy the box is that you can offer the brightest socks to your girlfriend or “special friend” in order to gain extra points with them ;) .)

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. Regardless of which Apple product you buy, a part of the pleasure you’ll gain from it comes from the package itself. In this particular case, the case serves as a cool container for you to keep the socks and easily take them out whenever you want to. You just have to unglue the top part and slide it out. Simple, effective, and clean. Every manufacturer should take notes!

The socks

I don’t know if there are technical reasons for the choice of colors, but from my point of view, I think that everyone will find that at least 2 of the 6 socks will please them. In order to please the most customers, I think that this was Apple’s judgement:

  • Two bright colors that go along with girl teenager’s clothing: Pink and Orange
  • Two bright colors that go along with male teenager’s clothing: Green and Blue
  • Two darker colors that go along with older male and female clothing: Gray and Purple

Even though there’s probably one or two socks that suit your taste, you’re probably wondering why you should give approximately 5$ for each of them. Well, I won’t say that each of them are worth 5$, but I don’t feel like I’ve been ripped after buying them. First of all, being a male teenager myself, my favorite socks are blue and gray, but I like to feel like I can change at any moment. The first sock I tried out was the gray one, which I thought matched my black iPod nano the best, however, after trying the blue one, I found out that it matches the UI greatly as shown:

One sock to fit all iPods

According to Apple, all iPods fit in these socks. Even though I feel that the Nano models fit in the best, because they barely stretch the sock at all, but I honestly don’t think that the shuffle models fit very well.

I don’t have an iPod shuffle model to try it out, so I used an Apple remote, which is about the same size, only slightly wider I believe. The first thing I noticed immediately after placing the Nano in the sock inside my pocket and walking around a bit, was that it doesn’t “jiggle” around my pocket anymore. It remains still and keeps my cellphone still also, and since the two of them would sometimes overlap each other, it’s great, because I no longer have to adjust them from time to time. So my general comfort went up.

When I walked around a little with the Apple Remote, I felt it jiggling inside my pocket, even though the sock wasn’t moving much. Over the brief period I walked, the sock started leaning right and then stopped when it reached my cellphone, however it felt like the Apple Remote was inside a little box larger and wider than it and kept bouncing back and forth in it, giving it a very uncomfortable feeling compared to the Nano.

Therefore, if you own a Shuffle, I don’t recommend you buy the socks for it, but if you own any other iPod, I definitely recommend it. As not only will it help protect your iPod from scratches and drops, it will also give you more comfort while having it in your pockets.

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