iPod with Everything: Electrolux's vacuum cleaner concept with iPod dock

By andy

Is “iPodification” a word?

Clearly not, as there’s a big red line under it in my text editor, but I think it has to be one for next year’s update of the Oxford English Dictionary, because it seems that you can stick an iPod on just about everything these days.

Take an everyday object and iPodify it by sticking an iPod-friendly dock on it.

Electrolux wants to iPodify one of its own products: a vacuum cleaner.

My first impression is a definite WTF because vacuuming is not generally known as a quiet activity. Yet the home appliance giant reckons it has created a cleaner that is “as silent as normal conversation”.

In other words, you can do the vacuuming and listen to your music at the same time thanks to the dock and built-in speakers.

Of course you need to have conducted a research study, too, and Electrolux has found that people get the vacuuming done more quickly and with less stress when listening to music.

That’s all very well, but if this wonder cleaner is so quiet, why can’t I just use my regular hi-fi to listen to music?


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