The more I read of Mark Waid’s world of Irredeemable and Incorruptible, the more I am entranced by it. The latest issue of the former title has in my mind really upped the ante. While many of us may have realised that the Plutonian’s actions were due in some form to his arch-enemy Modeus, Plutonian himself has realised his reincarnated sidekick is the very man himself in a new body. Oh, and he thinks that Modeus is in love with him.

Of course, this cannot be considered love love. This is more Joker love, Venom love, the sort of love that would be the next step in Superman and Luthor’s relationship. You know, twisted. Still, we are not sure if Modeus is the cause of the once-hero’s rampage, or merely taking advantage of it. The cliffhanger left us seeing Plutonion telling his sidekick Samsara that he knew he was Modeus, and I would not care to lay a bet as to what way he will react. Personally, I think Modeus is toast, but I’m not convinced, not after this most recent revelation.

My god, I feel icky. Yet fascinated. In seventeen issues, I really have begun invest in these characters. Their personalities and dilemmas shine through in crystal clear fashion and I want more.  The trades are on the stands, so jump on already if you have missed it.

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