iRun. An athletic geek's device for running the 2011 Tokyo Marathon [Video]

Sometimes geeks, dweebs, nerds, whatever you want to call those into technology, are pegged as less than athletic.  Typing on a computer, playing Wii or Kinect, or reenacting lightsaber duels from Star Wars, while requiring movement, aren’t exactly  athletic endeavors.

One man, Joseph Tame , aims to forever change the way athletic geeks are viewed when he runs the 2011 Tokyo Marathon while wearing “iRun.”

The gear pictured above allows Tame to publish constant updates on his race progress to the internet.  Sounds awesome?

According to Tame, iRun features:

“Four iPhones on rotatable mounts, an iPad, an Android handset, three mobile wifi routers, a wind turbine (ok, so it’s a kid’s fan that turns around…), a 4-in-one atmospheric monitor, a heart monitor, a plastic doughnut and of course the very important satellite dish for high-speed data connectivity (cunningly crafted from a bird-feeding dish).”

Cunning indeed, and his cockiness continues:

“The iRun – something I have no doubt Apple will be interested in buying the blueprints for – is a hugely complex device constructed from two IKAN Recoils. The modification process, carried out in my dad’s greenhouse when visiting the UK at Christmas, saw these joined together with composite rods to form a rig that can be worn without danger of it flying off when travelling at high speeds (or low speeds, as is more likely to be the case).”

No doubt Apple will want their hands on the device crafted in a parent’s greenhouse.

So what will the iRun do exactly?  When running, the device will broadcast live video on two cameras, send live location/pace/heart rate data, transmit temperature, all while allowing Tame to look “incredibly cool.” Right.

Check out the video below to see just how super? Tame’s contraption appears when worn and let us know if you’d like one for yourself, and if you plan on tuning in to Tame’s updates as he traverses the streets of Tokyo.



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